b'Exhibit Space AgreementLake Home & Cabin Shows 2022PO Box 73 Excelsior, MN55331This EXHIBIT SPACE AGREEMENT (this "Agreement") is for exhibit space in the 2022(952) 471-1192 (952) 471-0051 faxLake Home & Cabin Show (the "Show") and is made by and between Porchlightwww.lakehomeandcabinshow.comProductions LLC ("Show Management") and the person or entity set forth below ("Exhibitor").This Agreement constitutes a binding agreement when it has been signed by both Show Management and Exhibitor (facsimile signatures accepted as originals), and the Exhibitor has paid the deposit described in this Agreement.Exhibitor Information Booth Location & RatesPlease print or type all information exactly as it should appear on exhibitor materialsCompany Name Contact Person Madison Show, January 28-30, 2022booth # ___________________Addr essbulk # ___________________City, State, ZipIn-line booths(10x10) $1,050Phone Corner booths(10x10) $1,150Contact EmailBulk space rate(20x20) $7.00 / sq. ft.Bulk space rate(20x30 or larger)$5.00/ sq. ft.Web Site Exhibitor will display the following product / brands / services at the show: Minneapolis Show, February 18-20, 2022booth # ___________________ bulk # ___________________In-line booths(10x10) $1,100Corner booths(10x10) $1,200Payment Information Bulk space rate(20x20) $7.00/ sq. ft.Form of Payment Make check payable to Porchlight Productions LLC Bulk space rate(20x30 or larger)$5.50 / sq. ft.Check MasterCard VisaTotal Space Cost Due:$_____________________Fargo Show, March 11-13, 2022Amount Enclosed: $_____________________booth # ___________________Minimum of 50% Space Cost Due At Signingbulk # ___________________ Balance Due: $_____________________ In-line booths(8x10) $650Balance due January 3, 2022 Corner booths(8x10) $700In-line booths(10x10) $700Card Number Corner booths(10x10)$750Credit Card InformationBulk space rate(20x20) $5.00 / sq. ft.The last 3 digits of the number usually printedBulk space rate(20x30 or larger)$4.00 / sq. ft.in the signature box on the back of the card. Expiration DateSecurity Code Cardholder Signature YOUR SIGNED CONTRACT AND PAYMENT Cardholder Billing Info RECEIPT WILL BE SENT VIA EMAIL.address whereAddress, City, State, Zipstatement is mailed toI agree to display only products/brands/services referenced above and adhere to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.Exhibitor Authorized Signature Date Porchlight Productions LLC DateBy signing this Agreement, Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that it has read and understands each of the terms of this Agreement, including the additional terms and conditions set forth on the back of this Agreement.Show Management will make the above-described space available to Exhibitor for the Show, subject to the Show Facility\'s management ("Facility Management"), applicable governmental approvals and the terms of this Agreement.Please mail or fax this original to Porchlight Productions LLC.A copy will be sent to you upon acceptance.Porchlight Productions LLC, PO Box 73, Excelsior, MN55331Fax:(952) 471-0051TURN OVER FOR ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS'