b'FACE-TO-FACEAS EASY ASMARKETING1-2-3-4IS STILL BESTY our "new" customer is a moving target, a weekend traveler and a tough person to find. If you\'re only using email and social media to try to reach them you\'re probably missing the mark. With many product and service categories there will never be a substitute for meeting someone in person and talking with them face-to-face. The Lake Home & Cabin Shows have a proven reputation of introducing pre-qualified buyers to companies like yours that1. PICK A SHOW.specialize in second home and recreational travel markets. Get back to basic Where do your current customers come and productive grass roots marketing by becoming an exhibitor in the fromthe Madison area, the Twin Cities Lake Home & Cabin Shows. or the Fargo/Moorhead region? Maybeall three?TIPS TO EXHIBITING SUCCESS80% of exhibitor 2. CREATE YOUR BOOTH.successFocus on graphics that tell someone comes down to staff.the #1 benefit they\'ll receive from doing business with you. And, it doesn\'t have Be engaging and be inviting. Askto be fancy or cost an arm and a leg.open questions not closed The purpose of your boothquestions. Open questions is toget people toencourage your prospects to tell stopso you can talk toyou their issues and needs. them in detail. Focus your display or graphics on one or two strong benefits your product or3. PUT YOUR SMILE ON!service offers. Don\'t be a jack-of-all-trades! Greet your customers the way you like to be greeted. Don\'t be slumped in a Stay until theGet an address!chair.Be friendly, honest and sincere and always ask open questionsnot final bell.Encourage and ask foryes/no questions. Savvy exhibitors know that asa prospects contact long as there are customers ininformation so you can the building theres a chance forfollow-up after the show. a sale. Empty booths dont make money and those that stay can reap the rewards. Listenmore than talk. Again, ask open questions so you can4. ENLIST OUR HELP!identify issues andExhibiting in a show can be problems your customer wants you to solve.overwhelming and intimidating. Trust us Nobody likes a canned sales pitch to help you every step of the way. We\'ll especially when you dont even knowmake this a satisfying and profitable what they want yet. experience for you.lakehomeandcabinshow.com3'