b'LOCATION, LOCATION,PRE-EVENT MARKETING CAN LOCATION. INCREASE For our new real estate exhibitors; dont try to YOUR SALESsell properties in the entire Midwest. No one is an expert everywhere so focus on the regions you know best. Use large pictures of five to six representative properties andThe Lake Home & Cabin Show will be filled with include detailed information on each. This will bring interestedhundreds of unique booths all vying for the attention of attendees closer to your booth and give you an opportunity tothe crowd. By doing some basic pre-event marketing talk about your other listings. you can invite people to visit you at the show. 1. Make sure your display identifies the area and state in Use your database: People respond to invitations. which youre selling. A mailing (either email, letter or postcard) inviting 2. Identify the geographic area that you are the expert from. your current customers and prospects to your booth 3. Create a flyer or brochure listing the premier propertiesis an inexpensive tactic that gets results. If you areyou have available. planning a mailing, consider making a special offer for attendees to visit you and be sure to include your SELLING IS HARD WORK. booth number. Use your web site: This is another inexpensive way NOT SELLING IS HARDER WORK. for you to promote your company at the show. It would also be a good idea to add a link to our web site Standing on your feet in a booth all day is tiring and monotonous.so visitors can read more about the activities at the But new customers dont wear name tagsand missed salesshow and get directions to the building. (https://www.rarely come back. Be enthusiastic. Maintain a positive attitudelakehomeandcabinshow.com/)and exude confidence when talking to people. Remember, yourDiscount tickets: As an exhibitor you can buy adult guests elected to attend the Lake Home & Cabin Show because they have a qualified interest and love for this lifestyle. Be aadmission tickets for $4 off the regular price. This is good listener and sell them their dreams. The Lake Home &a nice perk to give to your key customers and will Cabin Show is a great opportunity to meet new customers facecertainly get them to visit you at the show.to face, get valuable feedback on your products and services,Whatever promotional vehicles you use, make sure network with other exhibiting businesses and sell to this focusedthat you give guests a reason to come and visit you. group of people who attended to meet you! With a hall overflowing with fascinating products and services, combined with time constraints, people need PUTTING THE SHOWan incentive to come and visit your booth. People always IN A SHOW. like to hear whats new and they are eager to learn about new technologies, new applications, or anything We set the stage so you can sell. From the moment the crowdthat will help them save time and money. Use pre-event enters the Lake Home & Cabin Show theyll know theyremarketing tactics to capture new sales!about to experience something special. The bright lights and classy settings are just the beginning. Each year we invest in special features, attractions and seminars that add value to the attendees overall show experience. A smiling attendee is a buying attendee and well do everything we can to make sure these folks enjoy the show!LEARN MORE ABOUTTHE showsVISIT US ATlakehomeandcabinshow.comlakehomeandcabinshow.com5'