b'WELCOMETHE SHOW MUST GO ON! Whew, what a year! COVID hit all of us like a fog that were still continuing to navigate through. Although working remotely was an option for many, furloughs and layoffs became a grim reality for others.Zoom call face grids offered the promise of connection, but slowly lost their charm as the pandemic churned on. The "Virtual Event" was born and praised, but in all honesty it never worked. People need in-person connection. Now that the masks are coming off, the Lake Home & Cabin Show doors are open! After talking to many long-time exhibitors, the consensus is clear; even though sales were fairly solid despite the pandemic, they can\'t wait to get back to the shows to reconnect with old business friends and cultivate new sales.Nothing will replace the power of putting you and your customers together face-to-face.If you\'re selling to the second home market you won\'t find a more focused and cost effective way to reach this crowd than to become an exhibitor in the one and only Lake Home & Cabin Shows.GIVE US A CALL See you at the cabin!WHEN YOU\'RE READY TO JOIN US Dave Greer(952) 471-1192 President, Porchlight Productions LLCWE\'RE HAPPY TOMEET YOU!We\'re the Lake Home & Cabin Show and for 18 years we\'ve been introducing companies like yours to people who are passionate about spending time in the Upper Midwest\'s famous lake and cabin country. Whether they\'re at a vacation rental, camping in their teardrop trailer or spending time at their own cabin these are the type of customers who are coming to the show to meet you. No other show markets exclusively to this crowdno other show introduces these passionate, pre-qualified customers directly to you.22022 LAKE HOME & CABIN SHOW'