b'ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1.EntireAgreement.ThisAgreementconstitutestheentireagreement14.FireHazards.Exhibitorwillnotuseexplosivesandother\x1dammable between the parties relative to its subject matter and supersedes any andmaterialswithoutreceivingpriorwrittenpermissionfromShow all other agreements and understandings, whether written or oral, relativeManagement.All of Exhibitors exhibit materials must meet applicable \x1fre to the matters set forth in this Agreement.safety and other governmental speci\x1fcations.Exhibitor agrees to make its 2.Character of Exhibits.Exhibitor agrees to display only new or currentexhibit materials available for \x1fre safety related inspections.Exhibitors model year products and services sold in the regular course of businessdecorations must be \x1dame-proofed.All motorized vehicles and equipment and as described in this Agreement.Exhibitor and its exhibit must complymusthavefuelcapstapedandbatteriesdisconnected.TheExhibitor with all applicable laws, codes and ordinances.All aspects of Exhibitorsagrees to drain and purge fuel tanks if required by the Fire Marshall. exhibit and exhibit materials including, but not limited to, the exhibit itself,15.Cleaning of Exhibit Facility.Exhibitor is responsible for keeping the all promotional materials and other merchandise, and all music or otherexhibit space clean.Any debris to be discarded should be placed or swept media performed or played in the exhibit must be digni\x1fed in characterinto the aisles at the end of each Show day. and, in the sole judgment of Show Management, not o\x1eensive to the16.Food and Refreshments.No food or beverages may be dispensed by general public.Show Management reserves the right in its sole discretionExhibitor without the prior written consent of Show Management and the to remove any exhibit or portion of exhibit that is not digni\x1fed in charactermanager of the Show Facility. or otherwise is not in keeping with the purposes and themes of the Show. 3.Subletting of Exhibit Space.Exhibitor will not assign, transfer, or sublet17.Distribution of Literature and Promotional Materials.All promotional itsrightstoexhibitspacewithoutthepriorwrittenconsentofShowmaterials including, but not limited to, printed advertising literature and Management.souvenirs may only be distributed by Exhibitor from the exhibit space. Show Management has the right, in its sole discretion, to prohibit Exhibit 4.Exhibit Sta\x1fng.Exhibitor will appropriately sta\x1e its exhibit space duringfrom distributing any promotional materials that it deems o\x1eensive or that the Show hours.are not in keeping with the purpose of the show.Exhibitor must con\x1fne all 5.Deposit.In the event Exhibitor fails to make \x1fnal payment on or beforesales activities to the limits of its own exhibit space.Canvassing of the theduedatestatedinthisAgreement,withdrawsfromtheShoworpublic or other exhibitors is not permitted. otherwise violates the terms of this Agreement, no funds received by Show18.Force Majeur.In case the Show Facility is damaged or destroyed, or in Management including, but not limited to the deposit, will be refunded.caseofwar,governmentregulationsoranyothercircumstances Such funds will not be used as a credit for exhibit space in future shows.whatsoeverwhichwillmakeitimpossibleorimpracticalforShow Exhibitor will be responsible for payment of any remaining amounts dueManagement to permit Exhibitor to occupy the exhibit space described in under this Agreement.this Agreement, this Agreement will terminate and Exhibitor will waive any 6.Indemnity;Insurance.Exhibitorisentirelyresponsibleforitsexhibitclaim for damages for compensation except the pro rata return of the space and exhibit materials and will indemnify Show Management andamount paid for space rented, diminished only by a pro rata portion of the Show Facility against any and all claims arising from or in any way relatedamounts expended to produce the Show. to Exhibitors participation in the Show.Exhibitor shall insure its own19.Licenses.Any and all City, County, State or Federal licenses, inspections or exhibit, goods and sales materials prior to, during and after the show.permits required by law of any Exhibitor in the installation or operation of Exhibitor shall carry its own general liability insurance policy insuring itsthe exhibit must be obtained by the Exhibitor at its own expense prior to own conduct, including that of their employees, agents and independentthe opening of the Show.contractors.20.Standard Booth Equipment.Standard booth equipment is furnished to 7.Installation of Exhibits.The installation of exhibits will be completedall Exhibitors who occupy linear booth con\x1fgurations.Standard booth according to a schedule established by Show Management and must beequipment consists of 1) draped back wall - 8 feet in height; 2) draped completed by Exhibitor on or before noon on the Shows opening day.sidewall - 3 feet in height; and 3) identi\x1fcation sign with the Exhibitors Moving of any exhibits or exhibit materials after the opening of the Show isname. prohibited.No Exhibitor will be allowed to install or occupy exhibit space21.Use of the Exhibitors Name.Exhibitor authorizes to Show Management, until its space is paid in full.If Exhibitor has not occupied its exhibit spaceits agents and employees, to use Exhibitors name to promote the Show by 10 a.m. on the Shows opening day, this Agreement will be deemedand to solicit other exhibitors for this and other shows. terminatedandShowManagementwillhavetheright,initssole discretion, to release the exhibit space.22.Amendments.ThisAgreementmayonlybeamendedbyawritten 8.Removal of Exhibits.Exhibitor will not remove any portion of its exhibit,agreement signed by both Show Management and Exhibitor. exhibit materials or sales materials prior to the close of Show hours on the23.Relocation of Exhibits.Show Management reserves the right, in its sole Shows \x1fnal day.Exhibitor agrees to remove its exhibit and all exhibitdiscretion, to change the location of Exhibitors exhibit space.If Show materials from the Show Facility by the time and in the manner establishedManagementchangestheExhibitorslocationitwillmakereasonable by Show Management.e\x1eorts to relocate Exhibitor to a comparable location. 9.Exhibit Size.Exhibitors may not install any exhibit materials higher than24.Termination.Showmanagementreserves the righttoterminate this eight (8) feet at the back of the display and eight (8) feet on the side wallsAgreement if Exhibitor or Exhibitors agents or employees violate the terms from the back wall and ending three (3) feet towards the front of the booth.of this Agreement, or engage in conduct which in Show Managements Display tents, exhibit tents, and other such exhibit con\x1fgurations are notsolediscretioniso\x1eensiveand/ordetrimentaltotheShoworother permitted.Any of the requirements of this section may be waived orexhibitors.IfShowManagementterminatesthisAgreement,Show changed by Show Management in Show Managements sole discretion.Management will be entitled to retain all amounts paid by Exhibitor and 10.Sound Control.Voice ampli\x1fcation systems are not allowed.Speakers,Exhibitorwillberesponsibleforanydamagessu\x1eeredbyShow radios,television sets,computersandall other electronicampli\x1fcationManagement,includinganyremainingamountsdueunderthis audioandvideodevicesmustbeoperatedatlevelsthatinShowAgreement.Inaddition,Exhibitorwillberesponsibleforany Managements opinion do not disrupt the ability of neighboring Exhibitorsconsequential, incidental and special damages caused as a result of the to conduct business.breach of this Agreement by Exhibitor. 11.Music and Other Media.Exhibitor will be responsible and indemnify and25.Limitation of Agreement.This agreement is valid only for the term of the hold Show Management harmless for all licensing of copyrighted music orcurrent year show and shall not serve as any guarantee for exhibit space in other media played or performed in its exhibit.any future year or for any other show produced by Show Management. 12.Live Animals.Live animals and/or pets are not allowed in the Show26.Governing Law.This Agreement shall be governed and enforced by the Facility.laws of the State of Minnesota in any legal action commenced with respect to this Agreement and shall be venued in the Hennepin County District 13.Helium Balloons and Stickers.Helium balloons and self-adhesive stickersCourt for the State of Minnesota. or promotional materials cannot be sold, given away or distributed by Exhibitor. LHCS2022'