b"IT'S ALMOST SHOWTIME!We hope to have you as an exhibitor in the 2022 Lake Home & Cabin Shows. These shows are powerful marketing tools that reach a targeted audience which no other consumer show reaches. Whether they're at the show to pick a vacation rental, see the latest teardrop trailers and camping offerings or to talk to you about the cabin they already own or want to own.this audience is committed and ready to do business with you!YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION.The doors to the Lake Home & Cabin Show swing open and3.Are you trying to say too much? Keep the billboard in mind.the crowds start to filter their way towards your booth. A visitorAttendees walking down the aisle only take the time to stops, looks, reads, looks again and says, Just what is it thatlook at graphics, not read paragraphs. Go for impact over you do? What your booth says to the public is the singleinformationyour sales conversation with people who stop most important step in keeping your audiences attention.will fill in all the information they need. Strong images and Here are some tips to help you make that criticalconcise copy will stop those who are interested.first impression:4.Are the words on your exhibit legible? Dont use text thats1. Make sure your booth message is clear and concise. too small or so creative its difficult to read. Think of your booth as a billboard your customers are5.Are your booth images or pictures sharp and colorful? walking by. You only have a matter of seconds to captureA pictures worth a thousand wordsand its money well someones attention. Did they read and notice the messagespent to have quality pictures that tell people the featuresor did they walk by without ever seeing it? and benefits of your product or service. Enlarge the key 2.Do your booth graphics and signage clearly say whoones and make them part of your display. you are and what you do? What is the most important6.What about the be-backs? Not all of your potentialbenefit your product or service will provide to a potentialcustomers will buy or commit while at your booth. Its customer? When you state these clearly, youll invite moreimportant to have enough brochures, flyers or business conversation from qualified visitors. cards to hand out to interested customers.42022 LAKE HOME & CABIN SHOW"