Lake homes are a popular destination for thermally modified wood.

The 2017 Lake Home and Cabin Show was recently held in the Chicago area and attendees got their first look at thermally modified wood and how it could be beneficial to use both as a decking or siding option for their lake home or cabin.

Everything for your special getaway home was on full display by companies who specialize in product or services catering to this market place. Thermally modified wood because of its dimensional stability was a very popular topic of discussion as attendees wanted to know how this attribute of the wood could be beneficial to their new or renovation project of their lake home or cabin.

Simply put, thermally modified wood loves water. It can be used in many water side applications such as docks, boathouses due to the fact that the wood will not expand and contract at the same rate as other woods such as cedar. Once thermally treated the woods acceptance of water is greatly diminished while decreasing the woods ability to rot.

unnamedMany lake homes due to their close proximity to water need construction products that will not break down in harsh environments that are often associated with living near open bodies of waters that have freezing and thawing cycles in the northern climates. Thermally modified wood construction materials such as exterior decking and siding give homeowners piece of mind knowing that their choice of materials will last for a very long time when exposed to these constantly changing weather conditions.

Thermally modified wood is also environmentally friendly as it will not leach and this is an important consideration when using around open bodies of water. Many states have regulations restricting the use of certain wood materials on or near water as they have the ability to leach harmful chemicals into the water system. There are no chemicals used in the process of thermal modification so the wood remains chemical free and environmentally friendly to use around all bodies of water.

Nearly half the worlds population live in close proximity to water and with the continued advancement of climate change the environment is becoming more extreme between hot and cold and building materials need to adapt to be able to perform within these environments and thermally modified wood manufacturers have seemed to be able to produce a natural wood product that fits this criteria.

North American Distributor of Thermally Modified Wood


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Summertime Sizzle!

Presented by Chef Patrick Moore, the “Getaway Gourmet”

“Don’t bother dad!  He’s grilling the steaks and if he gets distracted he’ll ruin them!”  Some of us grew up living with this fear — drenching our shoe-leather steaks in ketchup or other sauses — just to make them palatable.  And, now that it’s our turn at the cabin grill we don’t want to make those same mistakes!

Relax.  You’ve come to the right place.  You’re at the Lake Home & Cabin Show and you have your own personal chef about to teach you how to grill the perfect steak!  The show’s very own “Getaway Gourmet,” Chef Patrick Moore from Brule, Wisconsin will be taking the mystery out of grilling.

His unique cooking presentations combine great award winning flavors with his own belief that cooking at the cabin can be a wonderful experience that doesn’t have to take all day.  “You came to the cabin to relax with family and friends,”  Chef Patrick said, “I’m going to teach you how to make memorable meals and still leave time for play.”



This year’s “Summertime Sizzle” recipes include; Grilled Steak Fajitas, Grilled Steak Oscar with Cajun Hollandaise and a Grilled Steak Sandwich with Caramelized Onions and Horseradish Cream Sauce.  Free recipe cards and “perfect steak” samples will be served!  Cooking demonstrations will be presented a  number of times each day. (Friday – 3, 5 & 7 p.m.; Saturday – 11 a.m., 1, & 3 p.m. and Sunday – noon & 2 p.m.)


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“Superheroes Of The Night!” with Rob Mies

Presented by the Organization for Bat Conservation

Did you know that a single little brown bat — the most common bat in Wisconsin — catches more than 1,200 mosquitoes in one night?  Imagine what a colony of these nocturnal workers can do to keep the stinging insect population in check at your cabin!



This special feature was hugely popular last year and Rob and his bats are back at the shows again after a busy year afield.





In early spring, He was one of the star scientists on the Discovery Channel’s Trailblazers show, bushwacking his way through the jungles of Papua New Guinea (north of Australia) with a team of other explorers in search of undiscovered bat species and their potential genetic value to the world.






In April, Mies was a key member of the USDA Pollinator Exhibit which was set up on the lawn of the White House during the annual Easter Egg Roll event.  This year’s Lake Home & Cabin Show attendees will get a chance to meet Rob and learn about the benefits of bats and the challenges we face to conserve them.



Through his “Live Bat Encounter” special stage programs and “Superheroes Of The Night” floor display you’ll see lots of live bats and learn fascinating facts about these unique flying mammals.  You’ll encounter a brown bat from North America and hear its high-pitched echolocation with a “bat detector,” meet fruit bats from Africa and Asia, and finally, come face-to-face with the largest bat in the world, the Gigantic Flying Fox Bat from Malaysia — with a 6-foot wingspan!

Don’t miss the interactive and entertaining “Live Bat Encounter” presentations on the Cabin Living Stage with Rob Mies, presented at 4 and 6 p.m. on Friday, noon, 2 & 4 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Sunday.


Rob Mies is an exciting and adventurous scientist, conservationist, TV personality, and animal expert whose passion is educating and entertaining people about the unique life on Earth. Co-founder and Executive Director of the Organization for Bat Conservation, Rob is an outspoken advocate for bat conservation in the United States. Over the past 25 years, Rob has appeared on numerous TV shows promoting bat conservation including The Doctors, The Tonight Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Fox & Friends, CBS Early Show, and Martha Stewart. He is currently a featured scientist in the Discovery Channel’s Trailblazers TV show and is an advisor and member of the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign, American Zoological Association Bat Taxon Advisory Group, North American Society of Bat Researchers, Association of Nature Center Administrators and Michigan Wind and Wildlife Advisory Group.  He is the Chairman of the Michigan Bat Working Group, President of the Midwest Bat Working Group, and Coordinator of the North American Bat Conservation Alliance.

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Feed Backyard Birds this Season

(BPT) – When you fill your bird feeders and put fresh water in the birdbath this season, you’ll definitely be giving your feathered friends a helping hand. But you could also be serving the greater good!

Take note of the birds that visit your yard, and you’ll be ready to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), a four-day annual event during which thousands of people around the world record information about the species of birds they see. The information backyard bird-watchers gather assists scientists in better understanding the movement of species around the globe, how well different species are — or aren’t — doing and how factors like climate change are affecting bird populations everywhere.

And when the bird count is over, you’ll still enjoy a yard filled with the pleasing colors and sounds of wild birds.

Birds are important

“We enjoy birdwatching and feeding birds because they brighten our backyards and entertain us with their antics, especially during long winters,” says Richard Cole, co-founder of Cole’s Wild Bird Products. “But birds also play an important role in maintaining environmental balance around the world. They pollinate plants, scatter seeds so new plants can grow, help control insect populations and recycle nutrients back into the soil. It’s critical for us to have a greater understanding of how bird species are doing around the world, and to do our part to help take care of them.”

Bird populations are so diverse, large and widespread that it would be virtually impossible for scientists to gather all the data they need without help from backyard bird enthusiasts who participate in the GBBC. The information gathered help scientists identify species whose numbers are decreasing or increasing, changes in range or migratory patterns and more. Fluctuations in bird populations are often the earliest signs of greater environmental changes.

What you can do

Founded in 1998, and co-sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the National Audubon Society and Bird Studies Canada, the next Great Backyard Bird Count will be Feb. 17-20, 2017. You can start preparing to participate by taking steps now to make your own backyard an oasis for birds.

* Start by offering a variety of feeders. Different species prefer different styles of feeders. Tube feeders are versatile and appeal to a wide range of bird species. They can also handle large (think sunflower) or small seeds (like petite mixes) equally well. Some birds prefer to cling to feeders while dining, rather than perch, so use a versatile Mesh feeder; or try a Bowl feeder, perfect for serving suet in kibble form, dried mealworms and fresh fruit. You can find a variety of feeders from Cole’s. Be sure to keep all feeders clean and in good condition to help prevent disease and injury.

* Serve a variety of birdfeed. In winter, seeds with a high fat or oil content are best for birds, so offer black oil sunflower seeds, niger, raw peanuts and suet. To attract the greatest variety of birds, try Cole’s Blue Ribbon Blend, which incorporates black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower meats, white proso millet and cracked corn. Special Feeder is a high-energy blend that also attracts large numbers of birds, with the perfect mixture of black oil sunflower, sunflower meats, black stripe, raw peanuts, safflower and pecans. Birds also need (and love) suet, Cole’s offers no-melt suet cakes, specialty suets and a seed and suet mix, Nutberry Suet, to help ensure birds get the fat stores they need to weather winter.

* Fill every feeder with quality food. Birds won’t be satisfied with birdfeed that contains cheap fillers, and they won’t get the nutrition they need. Think of it as the difference between serving your family fresh veggies instead of fast food. Serve birdfeed that contains quality ingredients and is free of chemicals or other toxins that could be harmful to birds. Cole’s formulates all its feed to attract birds, and uses only natural, top-quality seeds. Their products contain no fillers, preservatives, mineral oils or pesticides.

Be sure to also offer birds plenty of fresh water; it can be very difficult for them to find unfrozen water sources in winter.

By feeding backyard birds and participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count, you can be counted on to help protect the wellbeing of wild bird populations. What’s more, the work you do prepping your yard for the count will benefit you — and your feathered friends — throughout the year. For more information about birdfeed and how to attract birds to your yard, visit

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3 Tips for a More Flavorful Holiday Meal

(BPT) – Holiday gatherings and backyard barbecues have a lot in common as they are occasions for gathering and for eating. And for both, successful execution of a shared meal means preparing what everyone likes and preparing it perfectly.

While holiday staples such as turkey, ham and brisket create the centerpiece for many of our holiday dinners, it is important to remember that the way they are prepared need not be limited to the printed instructions on your meat’s plastic wrapping.

“Famous Dave” Anderson is the founder of the popular Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que Restaurants and has won over 700 awards for his expertise on smoking and grilling meats. He was recently crowned “Smoked Champion” on the TV show Smoked, taking home the top honors for being “The Best of the Best” when it comes to smoking meats. Anderson shares his expert tips for adding flavor to your holiday meal.

“To elevate the taste of your ham, turkey, brisket or other meats, consider applying the lessons learned during the warmer seasons,” Anderson says. “I’ve always wondered why smoking seems to be forgotten as soon as the holiday decorations come out. Holidays are a time to bring joy to the table. And if you want to see joy, watch your guests take their first bites of cherrywood smoked turkey, or hickory smoked ham!”

In order to help you bring out the best flavors in your meats for your next family gathering, Anderson offers these three important tips:

Smoke it low and slow.

Holidays are a time to escape the hustle that consumes us the rest of the year. Why not apply the same relaxed approach to your holiday meal? As Anderson explains, rushing the process can rob your meats of both texture and flavor. “Slow smoking under low heat allows the meat to relax, and for the fat to properly render,” Anderson says. “It doesn’t matter what piece of meat you are cooking, it’s all about temperature and time.”

He suggests cooking temperatures of between 225 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit for the tastiest and juiciest final product.

Skip the wood chips.

Wood chips are popular and convenient, but you will never get the same satisfying smoke flavors out of wood chips that you will from using a small log. “Wood chips are a shortcut. And who takes shortcuts when preparing the perfect holiday meal,” Anderson says. Wood chips also have the tendency to catch fire, which can negatively impact your cooking temperature and cooking time.

Though a fan of the flavors derived from oak and applewood, Anderson takes a different approach when the weather turns colder. “I like cherrywood for Turkey. And for ham, nothing beats the smokey aromas that come from hickory,” he says.

Season(ing)s greetings.

In order to treat your guests to the most vibrant, mouthwatering flavors, Anderson insists that you check the dates on your spices. Spices greater than 6-months-old will lose much of their flavor, robbing your meal of the holiday’s signature tastes. “At home, I grind my own spices. There’s no better way to achieve the best possible flavors,” he says. For the rest of us, Anderson suggests we refresh our aging spice racks in order to bring real flavor to the table.

Smoking the meats you typically serve over the holidays takes the best of tradition and introduces a new level of flavor. “This is the time when treating the people who are most special to us really matters. A little extra effort can make a holiday meal more meaningful and memorable than ever before,” Anderson says.

To learn more about Famous Dave’s and how you can make your holiday meal even better, visit There, you can also find Anderson’s recipe for his famous bread pudding.

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5 Tips For Cabin Flipping on a Budget

By Lee Flynn

House flipping lost some popularity after the real estate bubble burst in 2008, but it remains a fact that fixing up an older or damaged home can net you a profit. It’s easier to start out in flipping with a lot of money to invest in property and repairs, but it’s still possible with even very tight budgets. Get your money back without going into debt by using these five flipping tips.

Leverage the Property
Wondering how to get the money to buy a property and fix it up when you only have a few thousand dollars in savings? Using a hard money lender allows you to leverage the property itself. These loans come with much higher interest rates than you’re used to for mortgages, but if you can stay on track and quickly resell the home, you can close the loan out before paying too much of that interest out-of-pocket.

Get Professional Training
Hoping to make flipping your new profession, or at least a part of your life for the next few years? Take a few basic construction classes to learn how to do as much of the repair work yourself as possible. Even if you want to leave the rebuilding and installation of new materials to the professionals, learning how to safely and cleanly demolish a room can help you absorb labor costs when you’re just starting out.

Find a Supply Deal
Aside from saving on the labor costs, it’s well worth it to trim down spending on materials and supplies too. Even if you don’t have a contractor’s license, you may be able to talk your local hardware store or big box home improvement chain into giving you a professional’s account. These accounts tend to come with discounts on merchandise and revolving lines of credit, two benefits any flipper can use when working on a budget. For more savings, look for a reclamation warehouse that sources unused or like new materials from failed construction projects to save up to 75%.

Organize the Work
Imagine that you know your tile installer is coming on Friday to do the kitchen floors, but that you also want tile in the bathroom. When you can arrange your work plans so that skilled laborers get as much done as possible in each visit, you’ll find your costs staying under budget. Loading up the equipment and driving out to your work site will result in at least one hour of billable time even if you have nothing for your team to do, so keep the schedule organized and clump similar projects together even when they’re spread out across the house. Skilled home remodelers know that it’s best to get all the flooring done at once rather than trying to complete a room at a time, so take a page from their book even if you’re still a beginner.

Look for Safe Corners to Cut
When you first find a property with potential, you likely want to polish it up perfectly before putting it on the market to get the maximum resale value. However, you may end up earning less if some of those projects, such as cabinet refacing in kitchen, that help you reach perfection cost more than alternative options. For example, most home flippers want to tear out all the original furnishings and start from scratch. However, if the flooring is in decent shape and just needs an affordable carpet cleaning to look like new, it makes more sense financially and saves time.

Your first house flipping project may not go exactly as planned, but if you use these tips, you should get enough of a profit to make your next purchase easier to plan. Keep building upwards with your flipping goals and soon you’ll be an experienced remodeling expert yourself. Don’t feel rushed when choosing your first property to flip since making it a success is the key to continuing the chain of profitable sales.

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Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas for Your Cabin

by Lana Hawkins

The philosophy of cabin homes is simple – people own them so that they can have a place to rest, relax and dedicate some time to themselves far away from the everyday life. That is why they need to be as comfortable and cozy as possible, which is something not many owners take into consideration when decorating them. Some cabins get packed with an abundance of modern and trendy furniture and are turned into something they should not be. But, for those wanting to preserve the original look of their cabins, there are a couple of things that can be done in the bedroom that will make the entire cabin get that rustic appearance they yearn for.

The Overall Look
While the focal point of your cabin bedroom should, of course, be the bed, keep in mind that this is not the only thing in there. Bedrooms offer you a ton of chances to be creative with the nightstands, bedside tables and lamps, as well as cupboards, drawers and closets where you keep your valuable items.

So, if you wish to create a compact bedroom, you should pay attention to the overall look you are trying to achieve. Not every single piece of furniture has to be rustic, but the most important pieces do. You can even make some of the smaller pieces, such as a nightstand, on your own, and get a rustic home-made look you cannot find in store-bought furniture.

The Headboard
If decorated properly, the bed frame and the headboard will undoubtedly be the first things you and your guests notice upon entering the bedroom. Big and comfortable beds need strong and supportive frames and headboards, and these items give you the perfect chance to get that rustic atmosphere into the bedroom.

There are generally two ways you can accomplish this – by various decorations and by building your own headboard. Should you go with the first option, you can add some thick fabric or even leather to it, spiced it up with a couple of buttons or fillers, attach Christmas or LED lights onto it, or, ultimately, give it a new paint job. But, if you are handy and wish to practice your DIY skills, you can create a rustic wood headboard from scratch– it will take some time and effort, but will certainly be worth the investment.

The Bed
Now, this is the centerpiece of your bedroom and the spot where the magic happens – the magic being all the sleep and relaxation from the outside world you wish to get in your cabin. This bed is supposed to be different from the home bed you use every night and should be, if possible, even more comfortable and soothing. Therefore, most people have a tendency to equip their cabin bed with a quality king single mattress that ensures hours and hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Besides the mattress, you need to think about the bedclothes as well. As you will probably not be using your cabin that often, the sheets do not have to be too expensive, but you still ought to make a smart choice when purchasing them. Make certain they are cotton-based and, if you really want to get that rustic feeling in your bedroom, pick the ones in pastel and earth tones like red, green, yellow or brown.

Blankets and Pillows
Speaking of bed decorations, do not forget blankets and pillows! They come in various shapes, sizes, textures and patterns, so they can be personalized and adapted to whichever style you have going on. Moreover, bright pillows will soften the hard tones of a rustic bedroom and add some color to it. Finally, you can buy extra pillowcases and change them every time you arrive to your cabin, thus making it always new and exciting.

Be Proactive!
Cabin bedrooms are full of potential, but not all owners know how to make the most of it. Instead of going with the flow and being satisfied with your bedroom’s basic look, you can take matters into your own hands and create the look you want. Adding a few bonus pieces – a settee, a refurbished chandelier and new curtains, for example – will definitely get you there and allow you to spend some quality time in your rustic bedroom.

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Prepare your Outdoor Living Space for Fall

(BPT) – While everyone eagerly waits for spring each year and wishes summer could last a month or two longer, when it comes down to it, fall just might be America’s favorite season. It’s warm but not hot, the air has that clean crispness that’s hard to describe and perhaps the biggest draw, pumpkin-flavored everything. And let’s not forget about all those bright, beautiful leaf colors that come with the change in weather. So why start shutting down your outdoor living space with the first sign of fall?

Packing it in early is something dynamic design duo, Colin and Justin, would never consider. The home improvement stars of “Cabin Pressure” and “Game of Homes” make the most of their beautiful Western Red Cedar deck all year around.

“Oh my gosh every single day, we’re on the deck – whether it’s summer, spring, fall, winter or whatever,” says Justin. “A deck isn’t just for three months of the year; a deck is what you want it to be. And if you love the great outdoors as much as we do, you can make it work.”

Here, then, are Colin and Justin’s top five design solutions to help extend your outdoor living well into the autumn months:

Start with the right deck

Just because you procrastinated, doesn’t mean you need to wait until next spring to build or start designing a show-stopping deck. Whatever your plans, though, one thing almost everyone agrees upon is that there’s nothing quite like the rich, textural warmth of a Western Red Cedar deck to create a beautiful all-season outdoor living space. Low maintenance, surprisingly affordable and easy to work with, Real Cedar can’t be beat.

“We recommend getting your big ticket items first, around which you can seasonally adjust and tailor your look with different smaller and more affordable purchases,” says Colin. “And with decks, it’s worth investing in a really good product to start with like Western Red Cedar, which will last and last and last. Honestly, it just gets better with age, improving as the years pass, and it really is a showstopper.”

Screen it in

Unless you’ve got a screened-in porch, you may still have to shield your outdoor living space from the occasional nippy breeze. For Colin and Justin, this is easily rectified with movable wicker screens that they store inside during the summer months.

“They’ve got a lovely weighty bottom to them,” says Justin. “The wind passes right through them and that’s a good tip for anyone using freestanding screens on the outside. If they’re too solid, the wind can catch them. But if they’re fretwork or open panels or cutout work, they’re good.”

Heat things up

Paradoxically, as the days grow shorter, you’ll wish they would last longer. There’s no more perfect way to cap off a perfect fall day than by sitting around a fire with friends and family.

“In the autumn, we have two propane operated fire bowls that sit smack dab in the center of our Western Red Cedar deck,” says Colin. Their gas-powered fire is safely contained in a stone bowl and leaves no ashes or embers. “And those fire bowls help us stretch out our summer a little bit. We also have two big patio heaters, which we can direct inward at either end of our terrace and they really makes a big difference.”

Bundle up with textiles

Sometimes all it takes to warm up your outdoor living space is some simple, yet chic, soft furnishings and yes, maybe even a change in wardrobe. (But don’t worry – you don’t have to say good-bye to your beloved flips flops, just “until we meet again next spring.”)

“We take out lots of really lovely textural throw pillows and rich woolen blankets – think Pendleton and Hudson’s Bay striped blankets – and we cozy up,” says Justin, adding, “And don’t forget your winter woollies. When the weather is changing, sometimes it’s less about what you add and more about what you put on in terms of clothing.”

Install a BBQ cover

If you’re like Colin & Justin, you enjoy the thrill of the grill year round. This is where an easy-to-build, Real Cedar BBQ Cover really earns its keep. Made from nature’s most resilient building material, this sturdy and beautiful structure is going to last you a very long time. Just think of all the cookout possibilities!

“We BBQ all the time,” says Colin, “So we got a cover. That way we don’t have to worry about weather.”

For free downloadable project plans, visit or for more fast facts on building with Real Cedar, download their free DIY app – available on the Apple App Store for iOS and at Google Play for Android.

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Moving into Your New Lake Home: The Ultimate Checklist

by Chloe Taylor

The 21st century is the era of the greatest urbanization this world has ever seen. Never before in our history were there so many people living in the cities. It is also not surprising that some of these megalopolis dwellers look for their way out. Being surrounded 24/7 with glass, steel and concrete, and having to endure that hectic noise everywhere around simply aren’t for everyone. If you recognize yourself in this group, it might be a good idea to find your solace somewhere away.

A nice, desolate place where you can rekindle your connection with nature can be found in a beautiful, yet simple, lake house. In order to make all of this come true, you have to do two things. First, you need to find a perfect place for your refuge and second, you need to move. In order to help you out with the latter, here is a short checklist of few most important things you need to do in order to sever your ties with civilization.

Get Off the Grid

While some people move to a lake house with nothing else in mind but the change of scenery, for most people it isn’t so. What they want is to move completely off the grid and here are a few ideas on how to do so. First, sometimes generating your own electricity, collecting your own rainwater and growing your own food aren’t allowed. In some places, it is illegal to create your own water supply and you can be legally charged for doing so.

Another thing you need to think of is the monthly fees you are obliged to pay. For example, the fact you are not using the city sewage doesn’t mean you are no longer legally bound to pay for its use. Even if you go to the most remote area in the world, payments might keep piling up. In other words, you can’t just raise your anchor and sail off into the unknown. Before you do that, you should deal with these matters first.

Equipping the House

Now, that you have cut your ties with your old life, comes the fun part. Decorating your lake house can be extremely fun thing to do. There are so many ideas and so many styles you can follow here. For example, you can always make a contemporary design on the interior and thus make a strong contrast to the nature that surrounds it. On the other hand, if you want to go with the good old rustic approach and make it into a real cabin in the woods, you can decorate with crates, planks and ropes. This all depends on your own personal taste and preference.

Acquiring Supplies

Another thing you need to think about is the supplies. Sure, near your lake house, you might have a place where you can buy food, toilet paper and gas for your generator, but what about other things you may need. If you plan staying there for a prolonged period of time, you may want to think about getting essential cookware and spices you may be unable to find in a local store. All in all, make sure to think of every household item you cannot live without and which you will be unable to get in the wilderness. Of course, this is also a great opportunity for you to reexamine which of these things you actually need and give up all the unnecessary luxuries.

Store Your Furniture

People permanently moving into a lake house face a peculiar problem. On the one hand, they cannot bear to part with certain items; on the other hand, these things simply may not be fitted for a lake house. Luckily, there is a satisfactory compromise to be made here. An adequate self storage solution can enable you to put all your extra stuff in a safe and secure place in order to reuse them again. Who knows, you may soon want to get back and it’s always better to have your things waiting for you than to lament over their loss.

Of course, there are many other issues to look out for, but the first three things you want to look out for are your bills, your gear and the stuff you can’t carry with you. Just dealing with these three key points will mean that you have taken care of basics and that you can move to thinking about the details. This way, you will always know where to start and if you ever get the idea of moving back, you will be able to do so with no trouble, or accumulated bills waiting at your doorstep.

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Application and Benefits of Sail Shades Installation

By Mark Simon

When you think about making the most of your patio area, terraces, balconies, or even your outdoor garden, you immediately think of sail shades. In fact, a lot of cafes and restaurants opt for sail shades instead of big umbrellas because they provide a lot more protection from harsh sun while being aesthetically pleasing as well.

Application of sail shades installation
Sail shades are available in a whole different variety of colors, designs, and fabrics. For instance, if you are living in an area that gets a lot of harsh sunlight for most part of the year, you can opt for a white sail shade that can reflect all the heat. Similarly, if you want to block out most of the sunlight, opt for a sail shade made out of canvas cloth. It is great for outdoor events such as parties and conferences too. When it comes to use of sail shades installation, there are many.

To protect against UV rays
Good quality sail shades when installed right can block 95% of harmful UV rays. UV rays can damage your skin and can even increase the risk of cancer substantially. However, make sure you measure the area to be covered correctly before you order sail shades installation.

As an aesthetic element
While protecting you from the harsh sun, sail shades can also be used as an aesthetic embellishment. Use a combination of sail shades in different materials or designs, and make an architectural design that acts as the focal point. This kind of sail shades installation actually works very well for terraces and balconies.

To increase the utility of your patio and swimming pool area
Many times, you get that fancy swimming pool made but you barely get to use it, because the sun is too harsh most times. With correct sail shades installation, you can actually host envious pool parties during the summers, or just spend a lot of alone time outdoors.

Benefits of sail shades installation
The biggest benefit of this handy piece of design accessory is it blocks out harmful sunlight from a large area in one go. That’s why, many times, you will see restaurants and cafes opting for sail shades for their outdoors rather than installing umbrellas.

Other than their protective feature, quality sail shades are also very durable. When you buy sail shades from a trusted dealer, you can be rest assured they will last a long time. Easy to maintain, cleaning them isn’t too much of a hassle.

While all of that may make you think they can be expensive, the truth is sail shades are really affordable. In fact, most times, you don’t even need a fancy combination of sail shades in pretty colors. Something in neutral colors like brown or white does the job, and buying those kinds of sail shades isn’t too heavy on your pocket.

Things to keep in mind during sail shades installation
While there are numerous advantages to sail shades installation, it is important that you keep certain things in mind to reap those benefits:

  1. Measure the area properly from end to end. Sail shades are often custom-made, which means you cannot ask for a refund in case they are made wrong because you gave the wrong details.
  1. Find the right fabric for your shades. For instance, if you want almost complete blockage of sunlight, for instance, for an outdoor event, you go for canvas cloth than something more trendy. Similarly, go for a translucent fabric if the sunlight in your city isn’t too harsh most times.
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