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Fun Activities To Do At Your Cabin

by Paisley Hansen Spending time at your cabin is probably one of the most relaxing things you can do. Relaxing doesn’t have to mean boring, however. If the idea of sitting around isn’t appealing to you, try one of these … Continue reading

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Saving for a Cabin When You’re Young

  by Mikkie Mills Sometimes you know the dream home you want at an early age. Reaching that goal and obtaining it takes time and work. Unfortunately, most people leave the dream at the door and don’t pick it back … Continue reading

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Finishing Touches that can Take your Lake House Over the Top

by Paisley Hansen You have found yourself living the dream- you own your very own lake house. Whether you are a new purchaser or a longtime owner, the comfort and convenience of a lake house really can’t be beaten. One … Continue reading

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Oregon is a Great Place for a Cabin

by Craig Middleton Have you been longing to get away, or perhaps to build a place of your own that is secluded, restful, and picturesque? One place you should definitely consider is the beautiful state of Oregon, which is known … Continue reading

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Why You Should Have a Pool Even at a Lake House

by Mikkie Mills Owning a lake house can be an exciting thing. It can offer your family a place to gather for vacations and holidays. If you are the owner of one of these homes, you may wonder if a … Continue reading

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Escaping To a Cabin Can Improve Your Health

by Mikkie Mills Sometimes you need to step away to get a clear picture of where you are. The break you get can be a useful tool for taking control of your overall health and wellness. Consider these five ways … Continue reading

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Remote Lifestyle At Your Cabin

By Craig Middleton Working remotely can seem like a dream, even more so if you find yourself able to work from the comfort of a cabin. There are lovely views and ample time to focus when you are surrounded by … Continue reading

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Renovate Your Cabin For Year Round Use

By Mikkie Mills If it’s getting more difficult each year to close down your cabin and say goodbye, it might be time to think about living there full time. For many families, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain two separate … Continue reading

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Building Your Dream Lake Home in Utah

By Paisley Hansen Depending on where you build your dream lake home, you are going to run into different rules and regulations. Utah has pretty strict building codes and laws. The beautiful scenery and tourist destinations make the process worth … Continue reading

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Buying A Vacation Home

by Paisley Hansen If you are tired of drifting from one vacation to the next and want a touchdown space to relax, it’s time to invest in a vacation home. This haven can help you unwind from the chaos of … Continue reading

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