Buying a Lake Home

by Paisley Hansen

If you’re ready to purchase a lake home in today’s fast-paced real estate market, you may be tempted to forgo research and jump right into the first decent-looking piece of property available. But to be truly happy in your lake home for, hopefully, many years, you need to have a plan, especially if you’ve never owned a lake home before. Lake property is unique, and unlike other residential property, there are things unusual things to consider before you buy. Here are six things to get you in the right home.

Consider How You Will Use the Home

Before you even look at the property, take a piece of paper and write down how you wish to use a lake home. If you plan to use the home seasonally, you may want to look for something where you can shut off the electricity and water for the winter. If you wish to have the house year-round, you will need heating, cooling, and plumbing. Think about who and how many people will use the home. Write down the minimum number of bedrooms or square footage that you will accept. Use your list as you review properties.

The process of looking for a lake home can be exhaustive.  It may consume your free hours until you find the right one. Make sure you take care of your health. Many people take supplements through a patch and have given le-vel thrive reviews that boast an increase in energy and metabolism.

Get to Know the Lake

Each lake is unique. Some are deep, and others shallow. Some are hundreds of acres, and others are pretty small. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for the state will be able to supply you with the lake’s square footage, depth, and the type of fish in the lake. You will also want to know if there is public access on the lake and, if so, what kinds of watercraft it accommodates. Some people want a non-motorized lake. Others don’t mind a lot of boating activity. Know what you wish.

Walk the Property

Consider the type of lakeshore you desire because there are strict rules on changing the shoreline. Do you want a level lake lot, meaning one where you will be able to walk to the lake without going downstairs or on a hillside? If it is a hillside, you may struggle to put it in a dock. What type of view do you get from the cabin front windows? Is the lot open or shaded with many trees? Again, this comes back to knowing how you will use the property.

Visit the Town

Consider how far you will be from the nearest town. If you plan on staying for several weeks or year-round, you’ll need a grocery store, department store, gas station, and medical facility not too far away. If you have children who will attend school, you will need to know what schools are available and what type of transportation they offer.

Ask About Wi-Fi

Many rural areas still have poor internet service. The speed may be and only allow email and no streaming. Some locations offer satellite or radio service, but you will need to investigate if that is an option for the home you are considering. Sometimes the trees block the signals, which limit your options. Ask a nearby neighbor.

Consider Roadways and Access

For those who plan to use the home only seasonally or on the weekends, get out a map and circle the radius of the areas you would be willing to drive. Review the roads for ease of use. If you are traveling an hour or two on a dirt road, that may not make your lake home very appealing. If you consider an area with lots of snow, find out if the main roads are plowed in the winter.

Buying a lake home is exciting. To get the most out of your purchase, make sure the property you choose will satisfy your reasons for wanting a lake home. Make a list of key features and locations before starting your quest. When you find the perfect place, you’ll be ready.

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