How To Relax in Your Summer Home

By Mikkie Mills

When it comes to relaxation, it is something everyone needs; however, it is not always easy to come by. While it can be a challenge to tap into this precious resource, you too can find comfort, especially as you venture off to your summer home. The last thing you will want to do on vacation is stay keyed up and stressed out. To find peace and relaxation at your summer home, here are a few must-try to help you decompress and fully enjoy your vacation.

Catch up on Sleep

Your summer home is the perfect place for you to catch up on your lack of sleep. If you struggle to get enough rest, use this as an opportunity to catch up. This is an important step, as a lack of sleep can leave you ill-equipped to handle stress, creating a vicious cycle. Let yourself sleep in a little later than normal and invest in your self-care.

Plan Ahead for Work

Work is one of the most common stressors in many adults’ lives. If you want to embrace relaxation, you need to disconnect from work. Instead of staying tuned in to what is happening in the office during your time off, plan and establish boundaries at work. Make a plan with your supervisor and your team, set up an out-of-office message and communicate your plans ahead of time to ensure that everything runs smoothly in your absence. Not only can this give you perspective and help you come back to work rejuvenated, but disconnecting can keep you from wasting your precious vacation time. Don’t let your work life find its way into your summer home and rob you of much-needed relaxation.

Unplug From Distractions and Notifications

Work distractions are not the only ones that you will want to avoid while on vacation. If you want to fully relax, consider turning off all of your notifications and disturbances of the outside world. Take this time to unplug from social media and unnecessary internet engagements so that you can fully unwind. You may be surprised at the number of notifications that you receive and how that can contribute to your stress levels which is why it is important to take time away.

Spend Quality Time Together

Summer homes are the perfect place to slow down reconnect with your loved ones. The effect that quality time with your loved ones can have on your mental and emotional health can be surprising, but it is immensely impactful. If you want to enjoy your vacation, use this as an opportunity to invest in your most important relationships and enjoy quality time and the whole experience will be better with them around.

Find Time to Exercise

One of the best ways to decompress and relieve stress is exercise. Spending time exercising while on vacation may sound like the last thing on your ideal vacation to-do list; however, this is a great way to relieve the built-up tension. Release endorphins, get your body moving and see the vast benefit that this can have on your health and happiness.

Spend Time With Nature

Another powerful stress reliever is nature. Spending time watching the stars, observing nature’s beauty, going on hikes or just enjoying the outdoors can be one of the most bafflingly powerful ways to relieve stress. Just spending time outside can help the stress melt away. Consider enjoying your cup of coffee outdoors or engaging in physical activity outside and enjoy the wondrous effects of nature.

Be Flexible With Your Schedule

If you want to make the most of your summer home and your vacation, try embracing flexibility and relaxation. If you hold too tightly to a schedule or are too rigid with your plans, you set yourself up for stress. Let your summer home be a place of flexibility, relaxation and openness.

Summer homes are the perfect place to relax and recharge; however, time spent there is only as valuable as what you invest in the overall experience. If you want to make the most of your summer home and vacation time, it is up to you to prioritize it. Don’t squander your time when you can use these tips to optimize the experience.

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