5 Ways To Modernize Your Log Cabin

by Craig Middleton

Whether you’re considering buying an older log cabin or you’ve owned one for years, it may be time to consider adding some modern updates. Traditionally, log cabins are made of almost strictly wood, outside and in. The all-natural look and feel are what makes them desirable to so many people. All the wood provides the warm, cozy atmosphere that comes to mind when most people think of a log cabin. However, it can also make the inside look old, conventional and dark. Some cabin owners enjoy their more traditional cabin in its original state, but it is possible to refresh the appearance while keeping the classic natural and cozy feel.

Install Energy-Efficient Updates

Updating energy-efficient appliances can help you be environmentally friendly by reducing your carbon footprint. It’s also sure to lower your utility bill. Install a solar panel system to harness the sun’s energy for your electricity. By making this modification, you’ll also have an uninterruptible power supply. Radiant-floor heating is an energy-efficient way to keep the cabin warm when it’s cold outside. Also, install double- or triple-pane windows to enhance the insulation of the home. A geothermal heat pump and energy-efficient kitchen appliances can also save utility costs. Install a new heating and cooling system and ceiling fans throughout the cabin to increase efficiency and comfort year-round. You may also want to update your fireplace for another less expensive heating option.

Create More Space

Adding some structural modifications, such as a sunroom or extra bedroom, will provide additional living space. You can also create an open-concept quality to the cabin by taking down a non-load-bearing wall, such as one between the kitchen and living room. This change can really open up the house, giving it a more spacious feeling. Save some space by installing permanent built-in furniture like shelving and bunk beds. Consider installing skylights to create an open feeling further.

Update Lighting Fixtures

The indoors of many log cabins are dark, with dark wood hues and sometimes not many windows. Although cozy, this can make the space feel small and confining. Upgrading the lighting can keep the cabin’s personality intact while offering better lighting and a unique charm. A modern chandelier or other lights can make for a new attitude.

Invite the Natural Light Inside

Many log cabins are composed of darker wood and not many windows. Consider installing more windows or larger windows to let in as much natural light as possible. You can also add glass or partial glass doors that add some extra sunlight. Natural light not only contributes to creating a bright, pleasant atmosphere, but it also adds warmth to the indoors when it’s cold outdoors. Consequently, your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard, reducing your utility bill. Gauzy linen curtains will diffuse bright sunlight while giving the room a fresh, airy feel. Hanging shades made of all-natural materials can also add to the natural character of the cabin.

Incorporate Diverse Materials

One fabulous way to create a more modern-looking log cabin is to mix various materials into the decor. Metal accents, such as steel or copper, can keep the rugged appearance while merging a different texture. Also, add granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms and ceramic tile to various areas of the cabin, such as the bathrooms and mudroom. Choose lighter colors for the updates to make the spaces feel larger and brighter. These relatively simple additions will give the cabin’s interior dimension and provide a touch of modernity into the cabin’s traditional quality.

Log cabins have a natural charm that seems to appeal to nearly everyone. After all, you won’t find many other types of houses with so much nature incorporated both indoors and out. Adding modern touches to your cabin can create a more spacious, distinct look while holding onto that traditional, cozy cabin feel. Certain additions can also make it more comfortable throughout the change of seasons and potentially save you a lot of money on your utility bill. Begin today considering some of these modifications for your log cabin.

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