5 Homemaker Trends of 2021

By Mikkie Mills

Some things will always be in style, like a white kitchen. However, some trends come and go. An easy way to stay up to date with trends is to buy a few staple pieces that aren’t too bold. Another approach is to purchase specific items that fit bold and flashy movements but can be replaced or upgraded when that style no longer suits you. In 2021, natural tones and elements are in. Find ways to incorporate earthy hues and pieces of furniture to add an instant feeling of warmth to your home.

Glass Barn Doors

Barn doors have been a practical way to block off spaces while adding a farmhouse look to the house. These sliding doors can allow for a door or partition where a traditional door may not fit or may not look aesthetically pleasing. Glass barn doors can add a more sophisticated, open look than solid barn doors. You won’t get as much privacy, but you will get a polished look. This is the perfect divider for a large room, as well. Curtains could be added for times when privacy is needed, say if it’s in a room that is typically a family space that is only used as a guest room occasionally.

Bold Combinations

If want to make a statement, now is the time to maximize your interior. Another trend, quite the opposite of the earthy tones, for 2021 is to feature bold, colorful, maximized items. Large, funky wall décor can pair with bright patterns for bedding or sofas. Be sure to pull out one common color to draw it all together. This can be a tough look to pull off, but if you’re brave and willing, it can turn out amazing. Often this approach is chosen for a single room or bedroom, but a quick Pinterest search will leave you with inspiration to implement this trend in any room you desire. If you’re not ready to go big, you can play around with one or two bold pieces and add more color as you go.

In the past, it’s been stripes or checks. This year take a leap and combine both patterns. Color hue and intensity will play a role when mixing these patterns (or any other pattern combinations). Even distribution of the patterns throughout the room will provide a balanced look, further enhancing the decor.

Removable wallpapers

For the majority of renters, painting isn’t an option. Cue removable wallpapers! This trend is rising in popularity as a large percentage of renters find it a convenient way to add flare to a temporary living space. Even homeowners can see this trend as appealing because it doesn’t mean a permanent change. Simply peel off when you want to try a new color or pattern!


Wood and metal work well together for decor, making the industrial look a trend for the year. Exposed brick, stone, or pipes is an extreme take on this trend that can add a dramatic effect to your space. Most houses don’t have the structure to allow for this. However, an easy way to incorporate this look is through industrial/style furniture or shelving. High ceilings compliment this style, so consider an industrial spin on a room with vaulted ceilings.


Wicker furniture and baskets play on the natural, earthy tones. These lightweight woven pieces add warmth to a room. They look great indoors or outdoors and can be paired with just about any color scheme. The sustainability of this natural product lends to why it’ll be such a big trend this year and in years to come.

Spending more time at home has lead to a spike in homemaking. Whether you’ve always been in tune with home décor styles or you’re looking to update, 2021 is the year to try something new and inspiring. You can mix and match these trends and go as neutral or as bold as you desire. If you’re hesitant, start with one room or small changes. Take a chance on one of these trends, and you won’t be disappointed!

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