10 Must have Accessories for Your Cabin


by Paisley Hansen

If you’re taking a vacation at your cabin, you’re probably looking forward to experiencing nature through hiking, canoeing or fishing. However, you need to enjoy yourself while you’re inside the cabin, too. Here are 10 accessories you should get to make your cabin feel like a home away from home.

1. Blankets

Every cabin needs at least one cozy, thick blanket you can crawl under at night to read your favorite book. Choose something that matches your cabin’s color theme or a woods theme. Who doesn’t love a blanket that has deer, elk and bears on it?

2. Lamps

Whether you prefer seashells or antlers, you can find any lamp to suit your needs. Lamps create a pleasant feeling you don’t get from overhead fixtures. Dim lights help you to relax and wind down, which is likely a cabin goal you have.

Consider purchasing an infrared LED heat lamp as well because it has several positive effects on your body. You can reap the rewards while resting in your comfort zone.

3. Candles

You never know when you might lose electricity, or maybe you just like the scent. Either way, it’s a good idea to have candles around for whatever you need them for. You can find scents that reflect the outdoors such as pine trees or spring rain.

If you don’t want to burn candles, you can get a similar effect from a battery-powered candle set with a remote. You won’t even have to get out from under your blanket to turn them on.

4. Braided Rugs

Nothing makes a cabin feel more like a getaway than wood floors that have braided rugs strategically laid out. They are soft to walk on, and you can choose from a variety of patterns. If you’re planning on putting a carpet in from of a fireplace, search for flame retardant rugs.

5. Board Games

With all of the technology available today, how often do you play board games? You probably haven’t enjoyed a proper game of Monopoly, Chess, or Sorry in a long time. This is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Rather than focusing on your phone screen, you can concentrate on strategic gameplay and quality time with people you love.

6. Binoculars

Whether you’re inside or outside, binoculars are always helpful to have. You don’t want to miss the beautiful birds eating at the birdfeeder or deer frolicking in the nearby woods.

7. Rocking Chair

This is a classic cabin must-have! Picture yourself sitting in a wooden rocking chair in front of your fireplace or heater, or maybe you want your chair on the porch. Imagine rocking back and forth while sipping your morning coffee, breathing in the fresh air, and reminiscing about past times.

8. Tea Kettle

Even if you’re not going to use a tea kettle, you still need one for decoration purposes. Every cabin seems to have one. While you’re at it, you might as well get some matching mugs.

9. Picnic Basket

You never know when you’re going to want to pack a picnic to eat outside. You can purchase several types of baskets, ranging from the conventional wicker basket to an updated plaid basket. Let the weather help you choose. If you’re staying somewhere that is hot and humid, you’ll definitely want to invest in a cooler.

10. Hand Crank Radio

This may seem outdated, but a hand-crank radio is ideal for cabins that are secluded and don’t have cell phone service. It’s a good idea for any cabin to have one if there is a power outage, even if you have phone reception. If your cell dies, and you have no way to charge it, you’ll still be able to listen to the radio for any news or weather updates. This is a great choice because you don’t need anything to power it up, such as batteries or another power source. All you need to do is crank it up.

Deciding what will make your cabin relaxing and rustic is exciting. You have the opportunity to decorate as you please and create a comforting space. Being able to escape stress in a place you made beautifully is a rewarding experience. You’ll be able to go home feeling revitalized and ready for whatever life has in store.


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