Top 8 World Famous Lakes

by John Peterson

Lakes make for a beautiful scenic spot and are an absolute favorite for travelers and tourists. These water bodies are mesmerizing and are ideal for a dip in the hot summer months. Lakes are found everywhere, but some of the most beautiful lakes worldwide have grabbed the attention of many visitors and have become famous spots for a beautiful view.

Here is a list of some of the most beautiful lakes present across various locations in the world.

Jellyfish Lake, Palau 

The jellyfish lake gets its name from the beautiful golden creatures that live in the water. Contrary to popular thoughts, these jellyfish are harmless. It allows the tourists to go skinny dipping, jump and swim the waters. However, tourists are only allowed to go scuba diving with instructors, as no supervision of the activities can rather cause harm to the creatures residing in the Lake.

Summers are around the corner, and it is arguably the best time to plan a fun summer cabin vacation full of fun activities like snorkeling, fishing, and a lot of good food and get-together with friends and family.

Lake Baikal, Siberia 

According to the geography writers at AssignmentHolic, Lake Baikal is situated in Southern Siberia, Russia, and is famous for two major reasons, i.e., it is the oldest and deepest Lake in the world. Dating back to as old as 25 million years, the Lake has been a tourist attraction for a long time. An interesting thing to note about Baikal Lake is that it has been a significant part of Russian history and was home to many species that are now endangered.

Aussiessay mentions that the Lake is 5,300 feet deep and is 4000 ft below sea level. Nerpas, or commonly known as the only freshwater seal, have a home in Baikal Lake. The winter months also lead to freezing the Lake, and the temperatures go as low as minus 40 degrees. People enjoy ice skating and related fun activities during these months.

Lake Hillier, Australia 

Assignment help service experts tell us more about the lake. Located in Western Australia, Lake Hillier is rather a scenic spot, and that is because of its beautiful permanent color, pink. This is a rarity as most lakes that we see have blue or green waters. The Lake gets its pink water owing to the chemicals in the water that is affected by sunlight. Interestingly, the lake watercolors remain pink, even if it is carried around to other places.

According to research writers at best custom essay, the only scientific reason for the Lake’s color is due to the excess concentration of salt in the water. It is a beautiful sight to watch from afar or near. It is so mesmerizing and beautiful to look at, even from an airplane. For years, the Lake has attracted millions of tourists and continues to be nature’s wonder for people.

paper review website mentions that it has left scientists scratching their heads, and all they have come up with is that it contains a high salt concentration. Although it’s a fairly small lake, the amazing color can be seen from the plane as you fly over, and it attracts visitors throughout the year.

Boiling Lake, Dominica

As the name suggests, this is the hottest Lake in the world and sure does not make for an ideal skinny dipping session. Situated around the Trois National Park, this Lake is a tourist attraction for its blue-grey waters and hot steams. The corners of the lake record a melting temperature of 180-197 degrees, and the center is beyond the capacity to measure as it gets too hot.

The scenic beauty around the Lake and fun activities like sliding over the Lake to enjoy the beautiful view of mountains and peaks attract tourists.

Lake Titicaca, Peru 

This Lake has the highest volume of water and is the largest in South America. It has a service elevation of 12,750 feet. The good part of this Lake is that it’s surrounded by 41 islands that are densely populated and are involved in activities like trade and transportation, bringing in economic welfare and growth.

Tanganyika, Africa 

Lake Tanganyika is the second deepest lake globally, and one can say that it is also the longest in the region. The Lake holds an impressive amount of freshwater. Amazingly, it alone accounts for 18% of the world’s available freshwater for use. The Lake is surrounded by the most beautiful mountains and is present in a highly turbulent volcano area.

Plitvice Lake, Croatia 

Voted as the most beautiful lake globally, Plitvice La is interconnected with sixteen lakes and a spectacular waterfall. Situated in the forests of Plitvice National Park, the Lake is surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna. Bears, deers, wolves, and rare bird species have found a home in these forests, and another thing to note is that the Lake changes its colors ranging from grey to blue and even green!

Lough Neagh, Ireland 

Lough Neagh is a freshwater lake located in Northern Island and is the largest Lake in the British Isles. The Lake covers 381.74 sq kilometers, and it is responsible for supplying 40% northern island’s water. The lakeside is ideal for a peaceful walk around the shore and makes for a beautiful and picturesque location.

These lakes mentioned above are distinctive and offer some really interesting facts and make for a great spot for vacations. They are ideal for a vacation and make for a good reason to plan the next vacation or snorkeling activities that have been on the bucket list for a long time.


John Peterson is a journalist with rich experience spanning over four years and currently works for London magazine “Shop&buy” and also for cheap essay writing service, the best essay writing service and also done many college paper reviews. Besides his writing work, he is a professional mini-tennis player and he also wrote the popular novel “His heart.” You can connect with him via FB.


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