Boost Your Cabin’s Curb Appeal


By Tori Fuller

Owning a cabin this past year has been a delight. It gave you the perfect place to quarantine and getaway. But after a year of cabin fever, you’re ready to move on. Fortunately, there are plenty of buyers out there looking for the right cabin get-away… one that has all the comforts and curb appeal of home.

Now it’s up to you to boost your cabin’s curb appeal before putting it on the market. Start small with these five simple suggestions to give your cabin that rustic feel.

Add a Roaring Fire

Nothing serves as a better reminder that you’re in the country than a cozy firepit. Stargazing or grilling when the nights are still a bit chilly becomes a pleasure rather than a struggle when there’s a warm fire to snuggle up next to. Whether it’s a wood or gas fire pit on the patio, it enhances the cabin get-away experience and adds to the aesthetic.

Add a Splash of Planted Color

Whether it’s a patch of land in the front yard or a container garden on the porch, flowers are an excellent way to bring some charm and add colorful accents to your patio. The containers provide visual and physical barriers to your patio, thus providing some privacy. Using barrels that have been cut in half (available at major hardware stores) or antique crockery as planters can lend the right rustic feel to your patio.

Wondering what to plant? Start with some low-maintenance perennials and go from there.

Natural Embellishments

Bring the outdoors closer. There are infinite outdoors and nature-inspired pieces that can accent your patio beautifully. From antler art pieces to hand-woven baskets, you can find something to suit every possible interpretation of “rustic.” If you have a hankering to visit a one-stop shop, drop into a store that specializes in unique and rustic home goods.

All the Trimmings

Don’t forget all the finishing touches that really make a space feel complete. Quaint doorknobs, pulls, and hooks will give your porch an authentic old-world feel, and authentic lanterns combine classic design with function. Adirondack chairs, rough-hewn tables, and other outdoor furnishings will seal the deal.

Built-in Safety Features

Why not make rustic features a built-in part of your patio? A few companies specialize in rustic railings and furniture to create the rustic look you want with the safety features you need. Of course, exposed log ends are vulnerable to weather, but can be capped with specially-designed metal fittings that add to their authentic charm.

A little decor goes a long way. Hopefully, these tips will get you started on the path to creating a patio space that reflects a return to the days of old – something cabin lovers will have a hard time resisting.


Tori Fuller is a DIY enthusiast, taking any trash she can get her hands on and turning it into a luxury item to envy. When she doesn’t have her hands in a tin of paint, you can find her perfecting her nature photography techniques.

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