4 Tips To Get Your Cabin Ready for Summer

by Paisley Hansen

Having a cabin is like owning a little oasis that you can retreat to whenever you want. If you are like most people, summer is when you spend the most time there. To keep your haven looking its best for summertime, follow these four tips.


The lawn is one of, if not the very first thing you see when you drive up to your house. Therefore, you want to keep the lawn looking green and lush. If you live close to the home, you may be able to maintain the lawn yourself. Simple issues, like how to fix brown patches in the lawn or trimming the bushes can typically be maintained pretty easily.  However, even if you live close, busy family life and hectic work schedules often make it difficult to find time for extra chores. A lawn care company can take this project off your plate. Whether you simply need someone to maintain the lawn or you want some help redesigning it, these professionals can ensure your greenery is looking its best.


The last thing you want is to arrive at your summer home only to discover that a major appliance is broken. To make sure you do not run into any issues during your stay, take a trip to the cabin a couple of weeks beforehand to test the appliances. Check all the lights and switch out any bulbs that are burnt out. Keep a few extras in the closet just in case they are needed during the summer. Run the air and heat for a while to ensure there are no issues with the HVAC unit. Make sure the fridge, microwave, and faucets are all working properly. If you do need to replace any appliances, many home improvement stores offer big sales during Memorial Day. This is a fantastic time to buy and install new appliances just before the summer heat kicks in.


Giving your house a deep cleaning guarantees everything is fresh and in order before summer. If you do not use the house at all during the off-season, you likely need to spend a longer amount of time cleaning before your stay.

Kill two birds with one stone by testing the appliances and knocking out the cleaning on the same trip. Unless the lake house is stocked, bring cleaning supplies from your home. Wipe windows, vacuum carpets, scrub floors, wash toilets, dust furniture, and change out the bedsheets. Many of these chores should go quickly, as the items have not been used much or at all since your last visit. If you are really pressed on time, hire a cleaning service to tackle these chores. Be sure to clean the outside of the house as well. Sweep the deck, clean out the gutters and rinse the sides and roof of the house. Depending on how dirty the house is, you may need to hire a power wash service to tackle the washing. Do a quick sweep of the garage to get rid of dirt, dust, and insects. Do not forget to rinse the sides of the garage as well.


Chances are you have a lot of entertainment equipment around the house, especially if you have children. These items include shovels, pails, bicycles, kayaks, lawn chairs, pool floats, games, and perhaps even a boat. Before heading over to the beach, make sure all the equipment is accounted for, clean, and in working condition. If you have a boat, clean the deck and take it for a test run on the lake. Fill the boat with gas so it is ready to go when you bring your family and friends out for a ride.

A cabin is a fantastic place for you, your friends, and your family to retreat to when you just want to get away from it all. Follow these four tips to get your lake house in pristine condition for all your summer adventures.

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