Simple Ways to Enhance Family Trips to the Cabin

By Beau Peters

By having a cabin for family retreats, you’re already set up to create an endless stream of amazing memories for you and your loved ones. However, visiting the same cabin over and over again can become a bit repetitive at times — especially for the kids.

Here are a few suggestions for different ways that you can enhance visits to the family cabin to make each trip a less stressful, more fun, and supremely memorable occasion.

Stay Organized

Before you get too lost in creative ideas (plenty of which are included below), take some time to set the stage. Family vacations always sound fun in theory. Once put into action, though, they can be quite stressful — especially if you dive into the activity unprepared.

If you want to pave the way for an enjoyable trip, take some time before you leave home or even start packing to thoroughly plan and organize the event. Create packing lists for clothing, food, and other items. Also, choose proper luggage, get a spacious cooler, and make sure to have a diaper caddy on hand that keeps all of the little one’s items in the same place.

Be Thoughtful About Your Decor

The thoughtfulness and creativity of your vacation space shouldn’t stop with the way that you initially build your cabin. It should continue to impact your family’s trips year after year. You can do this by steering into deliberate decorative themes each time you go on vacation.

This is easy to overlook since you’re already enjoying the whole cabin vibe. However, there are many ways to make each trip’s decor specific to that occasion.

For instance, one year can focus on wildlife. You can use photographs, nicknacks, and other animal-themed decors to fully embrace the nature that surrounds you. Another year you could focus on creating a cozy hygge atmosphere with things like bringing the fixings for mulled wine, using the fireplace, and including plenty of warm blankets at night.

Set Up a “Digital Detox” Challenge

Smartphones, tablets, televisions, computers, and other forms of tech can really have a way of ruining a peaceful vacation. They invade that otherwise sacred space with notifications, mindless entertainment, and other useless and distracting activities.

If you want to truly enhance your family’s experience (rather than simply fill it up with busyness), consider challenging your loved ones to a digital detox while you’re away. This doesn’t have to mean fully unplugging from your devices, although that certainly is a more dramatic way to truly detox.

Even if ditching the electronics completely is too much, though, there are many other ways to reduce your electronic usage while you’re away from home, such as:

  • Limiting screen time while you’re away.
  • Deleting distracting apps;
  • Turning your phones on “do not disturb” mode;
  • Leaving your phones in one place as you go about your various activities.

Removing devices from the equation is a great way to capitalize on the “less is more” philosophy while you’re on vacation.

Make Meals Special

Another simple way to spice up pre-existing activities is to make meals a family affair. It’s easy to bond with one another over food. Do your best to plan consistent mealtimes and make sure that everyone is present when you sit down to eat.

You can even go beyond the mere activity of consuming the food. Invite your partner and kids in on the planning and meal prep, too. Including children in these kinds of activities isn’t just fun. It’s also a great way to teach them about physical health and wellness, too.

Plan Outdoor Group Activities

At this point, you’ve considered organization, removing distractions, setting up decor, and capitalizing on existing activities. If you find that your vacation still needs a little bit more pizazz, you can always plan out some proactive group activities that are cabin-friendly. A few suggestions of fun cottage activities include:

  • Going on a group hike together;
  • Creating a scavenger hunt that is appropriate for your children’s age level;
  • Visiting the nearest town for some ice cream or a trip to a local country store;
  • Painting rocks, creating a bug collection and steering into other nature-themed activities.
  • Exploring the nearby nature and teaching your kids about the flora and fauna.

There are neverending ways to enjoy time spent at a cabin. All you need to do is brainstorm some ideas and bring any necessary items that you may need to turn into reality.

You may even want to invite your family in on the planning action. By coming up with activities together, you can make them more inviting and engaging.

Enhancing Trips to the Family Cabin

If you have a family cabin to retreat to, you’re already in a prime position to have consistently restful family vacations. However, if you want each trip to the cabin to also be fun and memorable, you may need to put a little bit of creative effort in, as well.

So review the tips above and consider which ones fit with your family’s style the most. Then plan out what needs to be done to take your next trip to the cabin from good to great.


Beau Peters is a creative professional with a lifetime of experience in service and care. As a manager, he’s learned a slew of tricks of the trade that he enjoys sharing with others who have the same passion and dedication that he brings to his work. When he is not writing, he enjoys reading and trying new things.


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