Rainy Day Activity Ideas for Kids at the Cabin


By Donald Fomby

Spending time outdoors and enjoying all the beautiful things nature has to give us is truly a pleasure. Those of you who have cabins and vacation homes know exactly what we’re talking about. There’s nothing like disconnecting from your busy schedules, gathering your family, and spending quality time practicing all kinds of outdoor activities. And the best part is – kids love these little adventures when they can explore, have fun, and enjoy their favorite activities.

But what happens if a rainy day spoils your plans and the kids start to get bored inside the cabin? Well, all you need to do is suggest they try out some of the fun activities we’ve listed below. Here are our top picks for rainy day activity ideas your kids will love.

1.     Indoor Gardening

Just because the kids are indoors, doesn’t mean they can’t still be in touch with nature. Plus, you don’t want them in front of the screen, watching videos, or playing games.

Instead, they should try out something new.

Some indoor gardening could be really fun for them since they’ll be learning and getting their hands into action. If your cabin has a patio, you can still enjoy the fresh air while you and the kids:

  • nurture the plants you keep in your cabins
  • wash their leaves
  • add plant food to each one
  • water them properly
  • move them from a smaller pot to a bigger one
  • share gardening lessons

Indoor gardening can be super fun for kids, so make the most out of a rainy day by trying it out.

2.     Treasure Hunt

When it starts raining, most adults dread getting wet and having their clothes soaked. But kids are always up for a rainy challenge. It means you could suggest a fun outdoor treasure hunt for kids.

Of course, this is only a good idea if it’s hot outside and getting wet won’t be too much of a problem. Here’s what you can do:

  • give the kids 10 minutes to run outside the cabin and find their treasure
  • it should be something from nature- a rock, a funny-looking leaf, or a peculiar branch
  • the more unique the treasure the better
  • after 10 minutes, each of them has to present their treasure
  • each kid and parent votes for one treasure, and the winner is announced

This activity is best for the summer period when kids can have all the fun in the rain, and the parents don’t need to worry.

While they’re at it, parents can get a lot of things done – from responding to business emails to cleaning the cabin. In case you have trouble with business writing of any kind, TrustMyPaper can help you overcome them easily and have more free time to enjoy at the cabin.

3.     Kids’ Microscope Observation

Buying a kids’ microscope is not an expensive idea, but it’s great to have it around the cabin when a rainy day catches you by surprise. Kids who are adventurous and love experimenting will enjoy microscope observations inside the cabin.

You can challenge the kids to find different things inside or around the cabin, and bring them in for microscope observation. They can each report on what they saw:

  • the colors
  • the shapes
  • the textures
  • the microorganisms

This allows them to be spontaneous, explore, and exchange ideas and conclusions. It can be both fun and educational for them.

4.     DIY Animal Masks

For those kids who are creative and love crafts, making animal masks to play with can be super fun and engaging. All you need to do is provide the basic materials and show your kids how to do it. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • some blank paper
  • pencils and crayons
  • scissors
  • elastic string

Each of the kids can draw their favorite animal’s head on a piece of paper. Help them make it approximately the size of their own head. Then, they’ll color it and make wholes for their eyes.

Once they cut out the mask, you help them tie the elastic string to hold the mask to their head. After that, let them play any games they like, pretending to be the animals they’re disguised in.

5.     Make Mud Pies

Suit your kids up in raincoats, boots, and old clothes, and send them outdoors to play with the dirt and mud. If there’s any dirt around your cabin, kids will easily find mud to play with and bake little mud pies.

It’s almost like playing with clay, but it’s outside and way more liberating.

Suggest the kids that they:

  • bring out some plastic containers
  • don’t be afraid to get filthy
  • find leaves, flowers, or rocks to decorate their mud pies

Baking in the mud will allow your kids to be in touch with nature, breathe in the fresh air, and learn how to enjoy rainy days. You will have a lot of washing to do afterward, but it’ll be worth it.

6.     Patio Painting

Like, true little artists, your kids can enjoy the patio view over the rainy lake or cabin surroundings and paint as they observe. Set up a table outside and chairs overseeing the natural environment.

Gregory Chapman, an art expert, and editor at Supreme Dissertations suggests: Ask your kids to choose a particular angle, landscape, or rainy detail to paint or draw. Have them learn about nature observation, details, creativity, and creative expression.”

They’ll be able to chat while they paint, share ideas, and talk about the things they see. In the end, you’ll have little pieces of kids’ art that you can hang around the cabin as a lovely memory.

Final Thoughts

A rainy day at the cabin can be as fun as any sunny day your kids can spend outdoors. There are fun and educational activities that the whole family can take part in.

Did you like the rainy day activities we’ve listed above? Share your favorite idea in the comment section and tell us if you’ve tried it out!




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