Keep Your Cabin Fresh and Clean All Year

By Paisley Hansen

Whether you live in your cabin all year long or just for the summer, maintaining tidiness is important. Cabins, especially in the mountains, require different upkeep than a regular home due to their location. Luckily with a little planning, you can keep your cabin uncluttered and ready for a visit at any time. Here are several ways to keep your cabin fresh and clean all year long.

Stay Organized

If you use your cabin seasonally, staying organized helps keep things clean. When getting ready to leave your cabin for a few months, be sure to pack up everything neatly. Cover your furniture so it doesn’t accumulate dust. Strip your bed and leave just the bedspread or comforter on it. Put away your linens and find out how to fold a fitted sheet so everything has enough room in your drawer and isn’t wrinkled when you return. It’s also a good idea to leave dresser drawers and closets open for ventilation.

In your kitchen, get rid of all perishables and clean out your refrigerator. If anything is left that you can use for next season, label the expiration dates with sticky notes so you see them when you open your cupboards.

Deal With Dampness

Cabins that are situated in the woods will experience some degree of dampness. To prevent harmful mold from forming, proper ventilation and a dehumidifier are a must while you’re at your cabin. If you’re there during the cold months, make sure your heat is running properly so everything dries out.

Outside the cabin, make sure you have rain gutters installed with protective screens to prevent clogs. This will direct rainwater away from the home preventing dampness and damage to the foundation. Having shrubs a few feet away from the cabin and using mulch around the perimeter will also keep moisture in check.

Have a Scent Plan

As long as you’re dealing with the dampness, odors shouldn’t be a problem until the cabin is closed up. To prevent the air from smelling musty, leave a few small dishes of baking soda around the house to absorb odors. When you return to the cabin, thoroughly vacuum your carpets and furniture and open windows. It also helps to have a “scent plan” in place by bringing your favorite candles or plug-ins. Try to stick with green, fresh aromas and nothing too sweet or heavy.

Another idea to get your cabin smelling nice is to use essential oils in a diffuser. Scents you may want to try are citrus, lavender or eucalyptus. You can also liven up the smell of your cabin by adding sliced lemons, or a handful of cinnamon sticks, to a pot of boiling water on the stove.

Critter-Proof Your Cabin

Entertaining at your cabin is fun, but the last thing you want is to discover uninvited guests. Finding mice in your home is always jarring, but isn’t a surprise given the location of most cabins. It’s also easy for pests to find entry into your home through any number of cracks in the walls. To keep your home free of rodents, especially when you’re not there, do a thorough inspection of your cabin and try to locate entry points. Make sure all food, including pet food, is sealed up or removed if you’re leaving for the season.

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving traps while you’re gone, there are natural ways to deter rodents from making themselves comfortable in your cabin. Mice dislike the scent of peppermint and citrus. Soak a few cotton balls with essential oil and leave them in places you’ve seen mice. This will also have your cabin smelling fresh when you return.

A cabin is an amazing place to live whether it’s your summer home or full-time residence. Staying on top of cleanliness with organization, controlling dampness and pest control will allow you to spend less time working and more time enjoying your cabin retreat.

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