How to Monitor Your Cabin While You Are Away Using Technology

by John Peterson

Cabin camping is without a doubt worth doing, whether you are experienced in camping or new to this kind of memorable outdoor activity. Cabin camping is also a perfect remedy for those eager to live in a semi-permanent shelter and view the wild from an entirely different angle.

You will appreciate moving away from the troubles of putting up tents and being worried about bad weather. Despite the cabin comfort, many campers worry about their cabin safety when they dive deep into the wild and after they return home. There are several ways you can monitor your cabin during and after camping.

Use a home weather station 

A home weather station will help monitor all weather conditions around your cabin home 24/7. The gadget will record the levels of humidity, temperature, pressure, rainfall and the direction of the wind. If the weather conditions are extreme, you can plan to visit the cabin to check if you need to take any action.

The gadget is very useful if you are planning for winter cabin activities soon. You will be able to tell the weather conditions in the regions around the cabin so that you will know what kind of clothes to carry or vehicle to use. If you love skating and want to know if there is enough amount of snow, the home weather station will be very helpful.

Use remote heat and A/C control

As per science and technology college paper experts, energy is a recurrent cost and when you are away from your cabin, you might not be able to control the thermostat. You can install a thermostat that can be programmed and remotely controlled from your smartphone or computer. The thermostat is controlled using software.

You will enjoy the benefit of preheating or cooling your cabin before you travel for your holiday. If you had rented out the cabin, you would also confirm if your tenant remembered to switch off the A/C. You can also adjust the A/C if your tenant sets too high a temperature that can put your cabin at risk of fire.

Use intruder safety technology

Perhaps the major concern of any cabin owner is whether someone might have broken into the cabin or the kind of activities going on around the cabin. You will know if an intruder tries to access your cabin interiors or when there are unwelcome guests in your cabin’s compound.

Your cabin remote security system can sense and alert you via text message or automatic call when someone tries to tamper with the cabin doors, windows, garage or sheds. If someone maliciously disarms your cabin alarm, the motion sensors will be triggered and will alert you of any irregular movements around or inside your cabin.

Use water sensors 

Water is a major contributor to cabin destruction. During the rainy season or storms, water can leak through a tiny gap in your cabin roof or walls and cause great damage. You may also forget to close the taps tightly and drops of water continually drip down into the sink. Eventually, the sink will be full and water will run through the floor, causing extensive damages.

Technology has provided a solution to this challenge. You can install a remote water leak sensing system near sinks, main pipes or areas where water can easily leak through. The sensors detect any increase in humidity or when water leaks into your cabin. You will get a text alert and you can also monitor the sensor using an app.

Install a ring video doorbell

A Ring video doorbell is a video app connected to a motion sensor that can remotely communicate through your smartphone or computer. If someone came to your cabin and pushed the doorbell, the sensor will immediately alert you and you can remotely communicate with the person at your cabin door.

The app helps give the intruder a false feeling that they are being watched or the cabin owner is inside. The ring video doorbell can help keep them away as you seek help.

Install smoke detector system

Electrical installations in your cabin can be faulty and may short circuit with time or even begin sparking. Although it is a rare occurrence, high voltage lightning can strike your cabin, causing a fire.

If you have smoke detectors in your house, they will send you an instant alert if the smallest volume of smoke is detected. You will be able to act quickly and save your cabin from fire destruction.


Cabins provide a great solution to a worry-free holiday throughout the year. Campers feel at peace even with the toughest weather conditions. Although the cabin is like a second home, it is not often used and is mostly occupied during holidays. A lot may happen when the cabin owner is away if they have no means to access information. Technology has made everything simple and cabin owners can install gadgets that pass information remotely.


Author Bio:

John Peterson is a journalist and academic writer working with Write my essay UKAssignment help UK and London magazine “Shop&buy.” He has experience of four years and has written a novel titled “His heart.” In his free time, he loves playing tennis and read books. You can find him on FB.

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