Improvements That Will Help You Sell Your Cabin Quickly

By Paisley Hansen

When you’re trying to sell your cabin, there can be a lot to think about especially if you are trying to sell it quickly. Because of this, many sellers may begin to feel overwhelmed, especially if their cabin isn’t selling on the timeline that they would like. The good news is, though, that you don’t need to feel overwhelmed and that there are many ways that you can make your cabin extra appealing to potential buyers.

Have Your Cabin and Appliances Inspected

One of the first things you should do when getting your cabin ready for sale is to make sure that you have it, along with appliances like your furnace and water heater inspected. Even if you haven’t been having any major issues in your cabin, the reality is that you never know when something might be on the verge of malfunctioning or breaking down, particularly if it is older. Not only that, but having everything checked out from your square d breaker box to your HVAC unit can be a great way to help provide potential buyers with peace of mind. By having things inspected you can let them know that they won’t have to worry about any potential breakdowns or issues after buying your cabin.

Update Your Kitchen

Making updates to your kitchen can be another great way to appeal to potential buyers. In the average cabin, most of a family’s time gets spent in the kitchen. Due to this, kitchens tend to get more wear and tear than other rooms in the house. Beyond that, kitchen trends tend to change more rapidly than trends for other rooms in the house. For all of these reasons, it can be a good idea to update your kitchen before putting it up for sale. In some cases, it can be a good idea to overhaul your kitchen completely. However, if you cannot afford that or if your kitchen does not need to be updated majorly, small changes and additions like new light fixtures or a fresh backsplash can be enough to improve the look of your kitchen and boost its appeal to buyers.

Keep Your cabin Secure

If you don’t have quality cabin security already, getting some installed can be a great way to get a buyer’s attention. cabin security may not be a new concept, however, in recent years technology has changed the face of cabin security in big ways. This means that cabin security systems that are only a few years old may already be out of date compared to the new options on the market. By updating your cabin’s security system you can let buyers know that they will have the best security possible and that they can feel safe in their new cabin.

Finish Your Basement

Finishing a basement can be a great way to give your cabin an extra edge and add lots of valuable living space to your cabin. Not only does it provide more living space, but it can have a variety of uses from storage, to a workout room or a man cave or playroom. When finishing a basement it is a good idea to stick to colors that are light and bright, as basements don’t have much natural light and can easily feel closed off and dark. Additionally, it can also be a good idea to install plenty of lighting for this same reason. If you don’t have a basement that you can finish, there are still things you can do to ensure that it is appealing to buyers. If your basement has leaks or is damp, addressing these issues can make a big difference.

Amp Up Your Curb Appeal

While the work you do inside of your cabin is sometimes the most important, you can’t neglect your curb appeal, either. What your cabin looks like on the outside will provide potential buyers with their first impression of your cabin, so you want to make sure that it is a good one. While some may worry that they don’t know how to improve their curb appeal, it can be very simple. In many cases, all you need to do is keep your lawn and landscaping maintained, as well as fix anything that is damaged around the front of your cabin. Also, little projects like repainting your mailbox or adding new address numbers to the front of your cabin can be great, simple ways to spruce your cabin up and make it look more presentable.

Freshen Up Your Bathroom

After your kitchen, your bathroom gets the most traffic and the most wear and tear. This is true not only because it is a frequently used room, but also because of the amount of water usage that happens, bathrooms are more susceptible to things like water damage and general deterioration. In some cases, if you have fixtures in your bathroom that are old and leaky, it can be a good idea to remodel your whole bathroom and replace them, so that buyers won’t feel like that is an expense they will have to deal with shortly after moving in. In other cases, though, sometimes a new coat of paint or some new light fixtures may be all you need to freshen up your bathroom and increase your cabin’s appeal to buyers.

Try a New Color Palette

Sometimes a new color palette can be a great idea for making your cabin more exciting to buyers. While you may have loved the colors that you picked for your cabin, if they are particularly bold or extreme, they might not appeal to potential buyers. By opting for more neutral and toned down colors instead, you can help give your cabin a more universally appealing look.

Final Thoughts

When you’re trying to sell your cabin, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, particularly if you are trying to make a quick sale. The good news is, though, that there can be many simple ways to boost the overall appeal of your cabin to buyers, from getting maintenance for major appliances to working on your cabin’s curb appeal.


Paisley Hansen has worked in real estate most of her professional career. She graduated from the University of California – Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. When she’s not creating content or working with clients, he enjoys hiking and traveling with her husband.

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