Top 5 Ways To Keep Mice Out Of Your Cabin

By Ashley Halsey

A cabin is a fantastic option when you need to get away and relax. However, this can be hard to do when you notice mice droppings on the floor of your cabin or even see or hear them scurrying around. As well as being a nuisance, mice can cause a number of problems including damaging your cabin and wires. In order to prevent them from entering your cabin, here are five top tips for you to try.

Seal All Holes

One of the most important things to do in order to keep mice out of your cabin is to make sure that all holes are sealed up. Mice can find their way into your cabin through any hole or crack. In fact, they can squeeze through any hole which is the size of a dime.

The key is to seal any hole that you find in your cabin with steel wool. Another alternative is to add 12 drops of peppermint oil to water and spray this around your cabin. Not only will it help your cabin to smell nice and fresh, but the smell of peppermint is also known to deter mice.

Seal Food In Containers

In the event that mice do succeed in finding a way to enter your cabin, they are likely to head to the kitchen and any available food first. You should make sure that all your food is sealed properly. In particular, when you close your cottage for the winter, make sure that you seal any non-perishable food (such as cereal, oats, or any pet food) in a plastic or metal container to prevent mice from getting to it.

Make Use Of Mothballs

Another effective way to keep mice out of your cabin, particularly while you are away or it is closed for the winter, is to use mothballs. The most effective way to use mothballs to keep mice out is to place the mothballs underneath the cabin. Make sure that you spread these liberally, particularly around the external support posts and under the porch.

“You can also fill nylon stockings with mothballs and hang these around the cabin. Hanging them around support posts is usually a good idea. The mothballs will leave a lingering scent which will help to dissuade mice from entering your cabin,” says Edna Jones, a journalist at Writinity and Last Minute Writing.

Dispose Properly Of All Garbage

Making sure that you keep a clean cabin and dispose properly of your waste and garbage is essential. Mice will be much more likely to try to enter your cabin if there are crumbs on the floor or if any food is left within easy reach, including in the bin. As such, it’s important that you regularly empty the bins inside your cabin to deter mice from entering.

Similarly, it’s essential that you dispose of your trash properly. It’s worth investing in a garbage can that has a strong and secure lock as this will prevent your trash from being blown about, as well as keep mice and other animals away.

Use Strips Of Fabric Softener

One of the biggest problems with mice entering your cabin is that they will not necessarily limit themselves or their mess to the floor. Frustrating though it may be to find mice droppings on the floor, it can be even more challenging when they appear inside dresser drawers.

“You can keep mice out of the beds, blankets, cushions, sofas, and dressers in your cabin by using strips of fabric softener,” explains Robert Akin, a lifestyle writer at DraftBeyond and Research Papers UK. “When you close your cabin for the winter, make sure that you have placed some strips of fabric softener on all the pillows, mattresses, sofas, and blankets. You can also place them inside the dresser drawers too. Make sure that you cover your beds and sofas with thick plastic sheets as well.”

Whilst mice are unwelcome visitors in your cabin, by following these five strategies, you can ensure that your cabin becomes a less appealing shelter for them. Ensure you follow these steps, especially when you close your cabin for the winter, to ensure your cabin is mice-free when you return.


Ashley Halsey is a professional writer at Law Assignments and She has been involved in numerous projects throughout the country, including working with companies of various sizes to increase their exposure and outreach. When not writing, Ashley regularly attends business training courses. A mother of two children, Ashley enjoys reading and traveling, especially taking long weekends in her family cabin.

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