Smart Ways to Keep Your Lake House Safe and Secure

by Craig Middleton

Your lake home is where you go to escape the demands and stress of everyday life. It’s where you can relax, hopefully leaving work behind and enjoying quality time with family and friends. This type of restoration is incredibly important for your overall sense of well-being. In order to ensure that each day spent at your lake house is nothing but relaxing, preventing mishaps is essential. Even though you can’t prevent all accidents from happening, there is plenty you can do to make sure your home is protected on many levels. Read on for ways you can do this and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have created a safe and secure environment for you and your family.

Prepare for the Unexpected

In every home, there are appliances and electronics, along with furniture, memorabilia, and clothing. Doing everything you can to ensure they’re protected from the damage of all kinds is a must. How are you protecting your lake house for the times you’re there, and especially the times you’re not? While it’s well known that unplugging items you’re not using (such as chargers and toaster ovens) is a good idea to prevent electrical fires, you need to consider everything else that’s part of your home’s electrical family as well. Power surges happen instantly and without warning and have the power to do major damage to your home’s electrical wiring, electronics, and appliances. Installing a Whole House Surge Protector is a great way to prevent this from happening. You might be surprised by its affordability and the ease of installation.

Keep the Pests Away

Have you ever noticed mice, chipmunks, or squirrels scurrying around on your property? If you have, watch out. They’re cute, but don’t let their pint-sized stature fool you. They can be incredibly hard to get rid of and can cause major damage if left to their own devices. They can also squeeze through the smallest of openings in your foundation or siding, quickly setting up shop and expanding their brood. Take action by sealing up any openings you notice, while also taking additional precautions to increase your chances of keeping your house pest-free.

Install Deadbolts for Added Security

Security experts agree that installing deadbolts on all exterior doors is a great line of defense against break-ins. Knowing that you have that extra layer of security will give you an added sense of safety, whether you’re enjoying a day on the lake or back at home.

Don’t Share Too Much Over Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes people make is sharing too much information. Did you know that many burglaries stem from information divulged over social media? Posting that you’re heading home after a week at your lake house might seem harmless, but to an ill-willed burglar that could be an open invitation to ransack your lake house in your absence. If you haven’t given it any thought yet, now is a good time. Always think about what you’re posting and what it could mean for the future.

Maintain a Presence, Even When You’re Not There

If you have neighbors at the lake, consider asking a person you trust to check in periodically. This is an effective way to pick up on anything that might seem off or suspicious. You can also install timers for certain lights in the house or have potted plants on the porch (just make sure your neighbor waters them!). Making your home look as though someone is there is one of the biggest deterrents for burglars. It’s easy enough to do, so don’t skip out.

Taking preventative action might seem a little over the top when all is well, but you’ll be so glad you were proactive if and when the time comes that things are not. Being prepared goes a long way, and it’s rarely something you’ll regret doing.

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