How to Prepare Your Lake Home for This Winter

by Patrick Adams

Preparing the lake house for the winter season may require a certain checklist. You need to make sure that certain check-ups are done in order to have your house ready for cold winter days. That is why this list will help you keep up with all the essential responsibilities you need to take care of before winter comes.

Check over the heating system

First, you need to check your heating system. This is especially important since you plan to stay in your lake house during the wintertime.

Make sure you leave the heat on at a low temperature. This will keep your lake house ready for your return while also keeping the pipes from freezing.

You might also want to ask a professional to have your heating system checked. They will make sure it’s clean and ready for the season. Having a professional do a proper inspection will also put your mind at ease when you leave the space over an extended period of time.

Check around for leaks or drafts

You may have noticed a few drafts or leaks here and there during summer and ignored them for the time being. However, you have to dedicate some time to them now.

It can be quite useful to know how to spot leaks and drafts. All you need to do is seal them properly. This simple yet very effective step will keep your house warm all throughout the season. In addition to that, fixing the drafts and leaks around the house will prevent other potential damage in your house that can be caused by water, snow, or ice.

Make sure you seal all the gaps in window spaces with some caulk or you could simply install some indoor window film to block the drafts. Also, don’t forget to check the spaces around the cabin to make sure there are no water leaks. Go around the spots where utilities, plumbing, or lighting would be from the outside. They can also be filled with caulk or covered for the cold winter season.

Wrap and fully drain your pipes

You also need to investigate your piper thoroughly while it’s still warm. Come up with a plan on what you want to do with them for winter.

No heat

If you don’t plan on using the space during the winter season, you need to drain the pipes to the lowest possible point. The most efficient way to do it is by blowing out the pipes with an air compressor. By doing so, you will know for sure that your pipes are fully clear of any water.

With heat

However, if you plan to spend the winter season in the lake house, then you need to make sure you will have some proper heating during the cold winter days.  It’s still a good idea to drain the pipes each time you leave the cabin.

Get your exterior pipes wrapped and insulated. Try to look around and check if your interior pipes have access to the heat. To make sure they have access all you have to do is install heat units near those areas. You can also achieve this simply by leaving certain cabinet doors open and the heat will be able to get to those areas.

Make sure you prepare the piping in the house before the cold winter days. The last thing you want is having to deal with burst pipes burst due to freezing temperatures.

Make it cozy

Try to make the space feel cozy and inviting. When the cold weather hits all you’ll want to do is tuck in your warm and cozy blanket, drink hot cocoa and watch your favorite TV show. To make the space feel extra homey and cozy, try to decorate a bit. Decorate the rooms with fairy lights. Place some bedside tables in the bedroom where you can put candles and your books. All of these small details can actually make a huge difference. They will make the space feel welcoming and warm.

Follow your checklist

Everyone’s space and organization are different and you can always follow your own intuition, but these are some of the most essential steps you need to do in order to prepare the lake house for the winter. Make a checklist so that you can make sure you have everything covered. The list will help you stay organized. By keeping the checklist by your side you’ll make sure you don’t forget to do any of the urgent and essential steps of this preparation.

In conclusion, preparing the lake house isn’t as challenging as it seems. It all comes down to making sure the house is warm enough for the cold winter season and making space feel like home.


Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.

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