13 Stylish Ways to Update Your Lake Home

by Patrick Adams

Owning a lake home is a real asset because you essentially get a private holiday resort. Regardless of the look of your home, there are always improvements you can build to update the residence. The more modern your lakeside home is, the more comfortable it will be for and your family to spend a weekend or the entire summer holiday there.

The best thing about the following 13 stylish ways to upgrade your lake home is the fact they are affordable, so you needn’t lose thousands of dollars on sprucing up the house.

1. Refurbishing the deck

Whether you’ve bought the residence or erected the structure yourself, a lake house comes with a deck overlooking the lake. Since the deck is usually made from timber, it decays faster than the rest of the house, even if the deck rests on concrete pillars. The power of wind and water should never be underestimated.

You can spruce up the house precisely from the deck. Inspect it thoroughly and replace all the missing or damaged floorboards and beams. If there are sections of the railing that have come loose, tighten them down, as safety is imperative! Finally, all the sections of the deck that have faded out to the elements should be impregnated, repainted, and lacquered.

2. Include an outdoor seating area

The view from the deck or the balcony can be stunning as heck but unless you include a seating area, all that beauty will go to waste. A comfy seating area doesn’t cost much, as garden furniture is available at garden and DIY centers at a bargain price.

A sofa and a couple of bean bags are more than enough to enjoy summers by the lake. However, be sure to choose furniture pieces that are durable, comfortable, and water-resistant. The color of the furniture should match the hues of the surroundings (green and brown are ideal for natural settings).

3. Invest time and money in landscaping

Because the lake is right in front of the house, you might think that nature doesn’t need much working on. Well, you cannot rely solely on Mother Nature to beautify your home, as you need to invest in landscaping. Everything from evergreen trees, across flowers to decorative shrubs, will make the outdoor living area more desirable.

Don’t just let flowers or vegetables grow around your house, as bedding plants ensures they will stay verdant for decades to come. Think of your lake home as of a typical suburban home that offers plenty of opportunities for landscaping.

4. Revamp the kitchen cost-effectively

We’ve mentioned earlier that you should look to use most of the outdoor living area. One way is to throw lakeside parties but in order for these events to be successful, you need to be able to prepare food outside. Parts of the kitchen, such as the sink or the freezer, should find their way on the deck.

Moreover, you should revamp the indoor kitchen as well. A couple of buckets of paint for the wall, doors, and kitchen cabinets won’t cost more than 100 dollars, labor included. You can also polish all the handles and knobs to make the kitchen shine as it 9was brand new.

5. A spa-like bathroom

Taking a dip in the lake seems like the obvious way to escape from the summer heats but you can afford the same luxury in winter as well. There are countless useful bathroom accessories that will turn your home into a proper Turkish bath or a luxurious spa.

The biggest benefit of this transformation is the ability to use the lakeside resort throughout the year. You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a summer holiday when a warm bubble bath awaits you in the bathroom of your lakeside residence.

6. Avoid using draperies

Since you want to have an excellent view of the lake from every room in the house, try to avoid hanging heavy draperies. Both the windows and the sliding doors free should be free of shades of any type. Since the house is probably set low, you won’t receive much sunlight during the day and if it gets too hot inside, turning the AC on is always a possibility.

7. Go for 180° views

Speaking of the views, if you’re making major changes to your home, use the opportunity to create 180° views from as many rooms as possible. Bump-out windows are ideal for a seaside or lakeside home, so design a cozy sitting room with an all-around view if possible.

8. Backup seating options

Owning a lakeside house is not going to pass unnoticed with your friends. In fact, your friends will come in large numbers when attending a party or arriving for a slumber party. For this reason, you need to have extra seating options ready.

There should be plenty of cushions and convertible furniture to accommodate a large number of people if necessary. After all, who wouldn’t want to experience a part of the lakeside cottage magic?

9. Connect different living spaces

We’ve already pointed out that the boundary between the indoor and outdoor living space should be a thin one, represented by a sliding glass door. However, you can connect other living spaces, such as the main residential quarters with the gazebo, for instance. A simple walkway or a vine-covered avenue can serve as the connection, allowing you ease of access to all parts of the property in all weather conditions.

10. Rustic lakeside dining

As you might have noticed by now, the lakeside porch is the greatest asset of your property. However, it needs a theme in order to breathe out luxury and the best outdoor theme is a rustic one. For instance, you can dine outside at a large wood table coupled with iron chairs. The rustic atmosphere is completed using pillar candles and river rocks to complete the experience and blend in with the surroundings.

11. Open shelving in the kitchen

There is hardly a person on the planet that enjoys doing the dishes and the last thing you want to do in your charming lake cottage is to sink your hands in detergent. For this reason, keep the shelving in the kitchen open, so it would house only the necessary dishware.

12. Bring nature indoors

Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to bring the plant life from the outside inside the house. This might seem like a logical décor choice but you’d be surprised with the number of homeowners who are lenient about placing a single flower pot inside their lake home.

The plants you introduce needn’t be exotic, as you should pick the flowers and plants that already grow around the estate and bring them inside. Of course, you’ll need to learn how and when to water them now that you have turned them into houseplants but the house will become verdant and fragrant just as the outdoors.

13. Accessing the lake

Having a pier or a dock that connects the property to the lake is important.

The design of the dock shouldn’t be too complicated nor should it be too tall.  In order to fit your budget, there are several different types to use.

There are many ways to beautify your lake home but the 13 listed above are among the most cost-effective ones. Remember that simply owning a lake residence is not an asset unless you use it for enjoyment.


Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.


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