How To Maintain Your Cabin Year-Round

By Craig Middleton

If you have a cabin you know that one of the greatest pleasures is to disappear to your cabin for a chance to unplug and relax. As you read this you are probably thinking about sitting by the cozy fireplace, roasting marshmallows under the stars in the fire pit outside or about how peaceful and quiet your cabin is. Likely not a part of your daydream is walking into your cabin to find a water leak or rodents. When you have a cabin it’s important to ensure you are properly maintaining it so it can remain the relaxing escape you daydream about. Below are some tips to maintaining your cabin year-round.

Address Pest Problems Swiftly and Effectively

Pests can cause larger issues to your cabin, such as damage to the wood or unsanitary living conditions. That is why it is important to take care of any pest problems quickly once you become aware of the issue. For example if your cabin is in North Carolina, there are great pest control services in Raleigh that have experts who can help you identify the issue and create a plan to resolve it. Some pest control places even guarantee their treatment and will retreat the area for free if the initial treatment plan did not work. Though you can try to resolve the issue yourself, hiring pest control professionals is more likely to have the desired outcome and keep pests away for good.

Properly Take Care of Pipes and Water

If you have a cabin you do not use year-round, it is important to have a plan for what you will do with the water in the pipes. In the wintertime water that is unused and left sitting in the pipes can freeze and cause the pipes to rupture if heat is not on or is too low. When water pipes rupture it can cause water damage to your cabin. It also means you will have the expense of hiring a plumber to replace or fix the pipes. The best plans of action are to turn off the water, if possible, or to leave the heat on and have someone you trust that lives nearby check on your cabin a couple of times a week and run the water to get it moving through the pipes. If you turn off the water be sure to drain it out of the pipes and blow the remaining water out with an air compressor.

Ensure the Roof is Maintained

A well maintained roof is one of the most important protections against water damage, pests and mold. If you notice shingles that are curled, missing or look lifted it is important to call out a roofing specialist and have them repair the roof. Missing or damaged shingles can lead to water leaks, which can cause mold and mildew growth in your ceiling. Additionally, if there is water damage it can cause weak spots in your roof or ceiling that may later result in holes or caving. Address any issues with your roof as soon as you notice them to prevent any further damage and expenses.

Reduce the Risk of Fire

If you are not going to use your cabin for a while think about how you can reduce the risk of any fires while you are away. Unplug any major appliances that are not necessary to prevent electrical fires. However, be sure to leave on any necessary appliances, such as the sump pump. Make sure space heaters are turned off and turn off the gas if you have properly winterized your pipes and will not be using the heat. If there is good kindling for fire around, such as books or cleaning chemicals, take them with you.

Properly caring for your cabin year-round is a way to protect the lifespan of your cabin and ensure its safety and maintenance. It also means your peace of mind that when you return you can truly rest and relax.


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