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Budget Friendly Tips for Your Cabin’s Bathroom Renovation

by Lana Hawkins Having a getaway location where you can escape from your earthly troubles and indulge in the relaxing sounds of nature and marvellous sights of your surroundings is something that everybody desires. Of course, owning a remote cabin … Continue reading

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Impressive Ideas To Improve Your Cabin’s Surroundings

by John Miller A cabin’s surroundings must be organized and clear, so you can admire the landscape and not get distracted by a bland landscape. When improving your cabins surroundings there are some simple and convenient changes that can be … Continue reading

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Making a Cabin Home Office a Healthier & Safer Place

By Mackenzie Fox Adults who work from home spend a long time in the office. Some of us will spend five years of our lives sitting at desks, in fact! So one thing’s clear: that home office had better be a … Continue reading

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

by Lee Flynn The kitchen is one of the most occupied rooms in your home. You will cook in it, eat meals with your family in it and entertain friends and family in it. Therefore, you will need to create … Continue reading

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Psychological Benefits of Owning a Cabin

By Sally Raymond There are loads of reasons to buy a lakeside cabin. Relaxation, serenity, the joy of having a piece of paradise to call your own…but did you know that it can also have some serious benefits for your health and … Continue reading

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Adding on to a Cabin: How to Plan and Pull off an Addition

by Chloe Taylor When you first built/bought your cabin, it was perfect for you. Still, with time, you might have realized that something is missing. This is not the end of the world, though. You do not have to go … Continue reading

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4 Garage Makeover Ideas for your Cabin

by Kristy Jones The garage is always considered the man cave where fathers would spend hours on projects and fixing the cars. It’s also where the power tools are stored, so it makes perfect sense why dads reign over the … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Lake Cabin From Flooding

by Sally Raymond Flooding is an issue which concerns many considering whether or not to buy a lakeshore cabin. Owning property that close to water seems, for some, like an accident waiting to happen. No responsible realtor would sell you … Continue reading

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