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Increase the Value of Your Getaway Home

by Carol Evenson Many property owners hope that the value of their real estate will rise over time. Yet did you know that some home improvements usually increase property values? Although every situation remains unique, and no homeowner contemplating placing a … Continue reading

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Give Your Cabin a Tropical Flare

by Lana Hawkins  A vast majority of people spend their busy days dreaming of adventures that take them far away from the tedious whirlpool of obligations and routines. Well, all this time they were unaware of the second best thing: … Continue reading

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How to Stop Water Damage & Mold From Infesting Your Cabin

by Lee Flynn Floods are a common sight in low-lying areas and regions near bulging riverbeds. If your cabin has experienced a flood, water damage is inevitable. Whether the floodwaters were only one-inch high or several feet, you must take certain … Continue reading

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Build a Wine Cellar for Your Cabin

By Chloe Taylor Having your own cabin is a dream-come-true, and once you are done with décor, patio landscaping and other essential projects, you are probably going to wonder what to do next. Well, if you are an avid wine collector, … Continue reading

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