Smart Tips on Designing a Budget Friendly Cabin

by Chloe Taylor

Being able to afford a nice place to rest and enjoy far from the city noise is amazing. Still, as buying a cabin is not enough of an expense, decorating and maintaining it can only add more costs onto the never ending pile. Smart decorating would cover both the current costs of equipping the cabin and the costs which will be made in the future (energy consumption, water, etc.). This sounds as one of those easier-said-than-done endeavors and it is exactly what it sounds. However, it is an endeavor that will eventually pay off.

The Eco-Friendliness Basics

If a cabin is built and designed in an eco-friendly manner, that does not mean that it only protects Mother Earth, but it also saves you money, long term. This means that for lighting the space up, you should use LED lights, instead of incandescent ones. Also you should opt for some modern appliances labeled as eco-friendly, and even install solar panels to power up based on sun’s radiation. Other projects, such as collecting rainwater for maintenance purposes are very welcome.

Taking Care of Windows and Doors

It is very easy to save energy if you know that there are no places where huge amounts of heat are leaving the house. Often, those air infiltrations can be located around windows and doors. It is important to perform air sealing. Be aware that most of regular windows are single glazed. Upgrading your residential windows with double glazing can be a larger investment at first, but they will surely pay off with all the future energy savings.

Buy Used Furniture

Your local flea market is probably full of furniture that, with a bit of touching up, can look perfect in your cabin. Do not think of it as buying things that other people used in the past, but as a treasure hunt for fabulous rustic items. Wooden pieces will fit in ideally in the cabin, so focus on them. Some of the furniture pieces will probably require reparation, but you will need nothing more than sandpaper, a bucket of paint and some time to do that. Also, visit some neighborhood garage sales and antique shops. There you can negotiate lower prices if you transport the pieces you have bought on your own or if you buy more than one furniture piece.

Artwork and Accessories

Imagine a cabin with blank walls? Sounds so unappealing… Yet, artwork is usually expensive and for one piece you buy in a gallery you can probably remodel an entire room in your cabin. So, think creatively. One man’s garbage can become your wall décor. Old wooden signs, vintage postcards and inexpensive prints can be just what your cabin need to feel as relaxing as it should. Simplicity should be your ultimate guide when it comes to accessories and art. Just as the furniture, you can search for various accessories (lamps, wall clocks, globe, etc.) on a flea market. Cozy crochet bed covers and cushions are just what you need to create rustic appearance.

For Additional Savings…

There are plenty of other smart choices you can make to save some more money in the process of designing a cabin. The kitchen, for instance is the place where you spend the most electricity, so if you are not planning on cooking some complicated dishes, consider using a LPG burner stove, which uses less energy and is better for the environment. Installing a low flow/high efficiency toilet in the bathroom which uses up to 4 times less water than average one is the best way to conserve water, while still being efficient.

Take Matters into Your Own Hands

As for the very décor, you do not have to pay workers or buy everything new. Instead, engage your family and friends and start painting endeavor together. Paint the walls, old furniture, bathroom cabinets, etc. With the growing popularity of DIY tips, you will easily learn how to make a French bench, ottoman, chair, or some other piece of furniture by yourself.

Finding your dream cabin is a huge undertaking as it is. Decorating it in a way which will save you some money, short term and long term, requires some thought, but it is definitely worth it.

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