The Lakeshore Market Is Heating Up.

Lakeshore Plus owner Jim Slater is well-known as “The Lakeshore Guy.” He specializes in waterfront properties and knows first-hand what living the lakeshore lifestyle is all about. Slater reports positive actives in lake shore real estate:


• There is a 15% increase of lakeshore home sales compared to last year. The housing market is recovering and pricing has positively rebounded with the number of lake home sales gradually increasing steadily since 2013.

• In 2013, there were 1,320 lake home sold, in 2014 there was 1332 lake home sold, and in 2015 the market positively increased for lake home sellers with 1530 lake home sold, an increase of 13% in one year.

• These lake home market trends are forecasted to continue to increase over the next several years in Minnesota, which is great for Minnesota Lake Home owners! There is a high demand for lake homes and the inventory for buyers is extremely low.

• Younger people are getting into vacation homes, and baby boomers are starting to exit the second home market. People are feeling more comfortable with their money to allow them to purchase lake front property.

Given current trends, buying a lake home or cabin has never been more affordable, and new homes on the lake are no exception.

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