Make your Cabin More Environmentally Friendly

By Lana Hawkins  

When it comes to being eco-friendly, people often think that driving less and recycling should be enough. It is a great contribution and a step forward, but that is not enough help to our planet. Every place where you spend some amount of time should be as eco-friendly as possible, including your home, yard and even vacation homes like cabins. If your home is already green, then it is time to take your cabin to a whole new level.


Materials for Building
When building a cabin right from the beginning, you have to choose building materials wisely. Since your cabin is going to be part of the nature, you should use wood for building it. Wood is long lasting and can replace many synthetic building materials, such as plastic, vinyl and various metals. Also, wood is easily replaceable and recyclable, and as well as other natural materials, it does not emit harmful VOCs. In addition to being the most valuable and efficient natural material, wood can come in many shapes, colours and different qualities, which give you the opportunity to decorate your cabin according to your own preferences and style. Also, carving is a great hobby you can acquire and spend quality time with your family decorating your new cabin.

The lighting fixtures should be cabin themed and have a vintage look, with wooden details to better fit into the whole atmosphere and design. Lamps, chandeliers, lanterns and other fixtures come in different sizes and shapes, so it is really up to you which you want to choose, but you should opt for natural and recycled materials. Recycled materials include glass, metal or plastic, and natural materials include wood, felt or cloth. Also, you should consider removing any regular and old light bulbs and replace them with more eco-friendly ones, such as compact florescent bulbs and LEDs, in order to make your cabin more energy efficient. There is another great source of light that everyone seems to overlook: natural daylight. To harvest as much as daylight possible you should give your cabin an amazing view with big windows in order to light up the living room, for example. Build in skylights and let the sun freely shine in your cabin, making the cold winters cosy and warm.

Save the Energy
Clean and environmentally friendly cabin should know how to save its energy. As we already mentioned, to save more energy you should use LED lights and CFL bulbs, as well as harvesting natural light. There are plenty of more ways to save energy, and these include using energy-efficient appliances and opting for some alternative energy sources. When choosing dish and clothes washers, refrigerators and air conditioners you should always look for the energy star labels. These appliances need less energy for their work, thus utilizing your bills and saving precious energy. As far as alternative sources of energy are concerned, you can install solar panels on the roof or next to your cabin and power up with natural energy. Also, to keep your cabin warm, you can use earth’s natural heat, geothermal energy, and heat up water and space.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Every now and then you should spend time cleaning the cabin, so it could last longer. Cleaning products you plan on using for cleaning windows and furniture should be eco-friendly in order to minimize harmful chemicals entering the water supply. Also, green cleaning products are better for the clear and quality air, so you and your family would not breathe in any chemicals. Any plastic and paper items you do not need, you should collect and recycle so you would avoid any pollution. Garden or area outside the cabin should also stay clean and tidy, pick up any fallen leaves and avoid any plant diseases your flowers and other plants could get. For the better and healthier environment around your cabin, rubbish removal services like one in Sydney can help you dispose of any green and garden waste, as well as help you recycle anything you want.

Build a new green cabin for your family, or remodel your old one by following these green steps and tips. Winter and summer vacations can only be more comfortable and pleasant if you know that you are preserving the planet.


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