Bug-Proof Your Cabin

By Anna Patiuk

So long bug spray and annoying mosquito bites. These blood suckers are finally at bay (thank goodness), but a new wave of pests are bound to arise during the late summer and early fall – and will seek refuge inside your cozy cabin in the winter. So which pests should you watch out for?

Spiders move inside once the weather starts to cool down. The best way to prevent these pests from entering your home is to reduce their food supply.

Use calk to seal any cracks around both indoor and outdoor doors as well as windows.

Keep your cabin tidy by regularly cleaning and sweeping away any crumbs and food, which attracts these pests.

Turn off your porch lights at night. Light attracts flying insects, spiders’ main source of sustainability.

Squash bugs
Squash bugs live in the soil and are quite a nuisance when it comes to destroying plants, especially if you’re growing winter squash. While they are more active in the warmth, they have the capability of doing damage.

Don’t overwater plants and keep an eye on your plants. Don’t use mulch as they create a barrier for squash bugs to thrive.

Squash bugs kill plants by sucking the sap out of leaves and seek shelter on the base of plants, so use insecticides on these areas

We are all too familiar with ticks in the Midwest. Prevent ticks from sneaking their way into your home and, most importantly, keep them from infecting you and your family this fall with bacteria and viruses by following these rules.

Be informed and know where they hide. Ticks live in wooded, grassy and moist areas near shrubs or leaves.

Shower and do regular “tick checks” after being outdoors. Check clothing as well as parts of the body like under the arms or back of the knees, where ticks can be missed.

Remove plants that attract deer, since deer can carry along ticks with them. This discourages deer from entering your yard.

Protect your cabin from pests this fall by following these simple steps:
Repair cracks and check door seals. Take a look especially around the outside of your cabin, where insects can easily get into your home. Repair any cracks you spot with caulk or new grouting. Insert weather stripping around and at the bottom of your doors to ensure to keep bugs from finding their way inside.

Install self-closing patio/porch doors. We can sometimes be forgetful when shutting porch doors at the cabin, especially when we are frequently going in and out. Self-closing doors are easy to install and relatively inexpensive, and they will make a huge difference in keeping unwanted pests out of your cabin. Try them for your garage as well. http://www.harneyhardware.com/hardware/Commercial-Door-Hardware/Hydraulic-Door-Closers/DC8900AL

Use row covers. In early fall, use row covers as a way to prevent pests from attacking your vegetables in your garden. Clean up any dead leaves to prevent these insects from hiding in your garden.

Do your research. Research the different pests in your area and pest-proof your home during the late summer to prevent these unwanted critters from crawling into your cabin or destroying your garden.

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