Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

by Ella Andrews

3930819_sHardwood floors are fairly often seen around cabin homes, so they also need to be cleaned as diligently and often as any other surface. To do that however you will need to be properly prepared to make it happen, as the following guidelines will point out:

  • 15846129_sVacuum your floors often

Chances are you’re already doing this often enough, but repetition on a regular basis will allow you to take care of the smaller details. The reason for this is the fine grit in dust that goes underfoot like sandpaper, so you will need to make sure this never happens. A good vacuum will not only protect the finish, but it will also keep its appearance looking great. You need to use a brush attachment to make this work, avoiding beater bars and rotating brushes, as they will only scratch the finish. If you really don’t feel hauling out the vacuum, you would do well to dust mop or use a microfiber sweeper to get it done.

  • Be careful with furniture polish and hairspray

Both of those will end up ruining and clouding the finish of your floors, so you would do well to wipe them with a damp cloth instead. You can also do a good cleanup by using a non-ammonia type window cleaner as well.

  • Keeping water out

Water may not only ruin the finish of your hardwood floor, but it will also penetrate all the way in the wood, staining it. Close your windows whenever you’re expecting rain, as well as putting trays under your potted plants and naturally wiping up any water you notice after watering them.

  • Removing residue

You would do well to keep it in the hall closet or some other location close by so you can clean up any small problems that pop up. Wipe up any spills and dirt you see as soon as they occur, especially paying attention to liquids that are extra staining.

  • Using wax and restorers

You can work on rejuvenating the wax finish in the floors with an application of more wax. You should never use wax on specific surfaces however, such as polyurethane, shellac and varnish. This will make the floor too slippery to work with, not to mention it will be a problem for finishes after it. If you have polyurethane, then you will need to use a specific polish made for that type of material and so on. The same goes for other polishes, as they need to fit the material.

  • Using an extra doormat

This will make floor cleaning and subsequently carpet cleaning far easier than it needs to be. The same goes for other types of cleaning such as upholstery cleaning, as the dust will be wiped off at the door. Making sure you have a nice and large doormat will allow you to wipe off more dust at the door without bringing any in as a result in the end of the day.

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