Designing a Relaxing Coffee Corner

by Patricia Cornwell

There are a hundred ways to create a relaxing coffee corner in your home. You just need a little creativity and several design tips. You can find many pictures on the Internet regarding the topic. Whether you want to have a coffee corner in your kitchen, living room or anywhere else in the house, be sure to read this article. Are you ready to create the coziest and most gorgeous coffee nook in the world?

Use Old Closet or Cabinet
If you happen to have a spare cabinet, you can convert it into a small relaxing coffee corner either in your kitchen or in your living room. A tiny closet will make do as well. You can repaint it to match better the design of the room you’re going to place it. If you like, you can even decorate it using accent pieces. For example, you can stick a sheet of wallpaper to the walls to make it more personal. Apart from this, you may also add flowers and scented candles. They will make your coffee corner much more relaxing and pleasant. Remember to include a few books if you like reading. Place the coffeemaker, filters, water, mugs and all your coffee-related items in the tiny closet or cabinet. In the morning, while sipping your coffee you can enjoy your favorite book.

The advantage of using a cabinet or small closet for your coffee corner is that you can hide all its contents behind the closet door so that no one can see them. Unless, of course, you want to display them. Whenever you want to have a hot cup of coffee, you just take out all the stuff and get it started. Friends coming over in the afternoon? Your coffee corner will be there for you.

Use a Vintage Cart
A vintage cart can be the perfect item for your coffee corner. Leave the coffee machine and all products on the top shelf and place several mugs, sugar dispenser, napkins and other items on the low shelves.

In addition, you can decorate the wall against which the vintage cart will be set. There are several very fun ideas, including adding accent pieces such as “coffee”, “coffee time”, “coffee nook”, etc. written in upper-case letters. Not only you, but your guests will enjoy it very much too.

In addition, you can hang a few mugs on the wall. Select hangers that suit best the design of your kitchen or living room and attach them to the wall. Then hang a few mugs on them.

Use Shelving
The simplest of all ideas is to convert some of your shelves into a coffee corner. Collect all the objects you’ve placed there and assign a new place for them. Then decorate the shelves with items of your choice. Don’t forget to add the coffee machine and a few mugs.

Another great idea is to place a blackboard on one of the corner cabinets, put some flowers and add anything coffee-related. On the blackboard you can write words like “espresso”, “late”, “mocca”, “cappuccino”, etc., as if you were in a bar and this was on offer right now. It can be very thrilling. The best thing is, you can write whatever you want on your blackboard and change it according to your mood. Isn’t that an awesome idea? It’s a little vintage, so those of you who like vintage will probably enjoy it.

Tip: it’s recommended you choose materials that don’t stain easily so that it’s easy to clean all the mess you create while preparing and drinking coffee. Add as many items as necessary but don’t go to extremes because the more stuff you put in your coffee corner, the more stuff you will have to clean eventually.

Now that you are done, how about a cup of coffee?

The article is kindly contributed by DeluxeCleaners N5

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