Cleaning Tips for Your Log Cabin

13354784_sWhen talking about house cleaning there are few basics that are a must. The cabins don’t make an exception even if they are only a vacation home. On the contrary, this should be one more reason to spare some extra time and effort to transform it into the perfect gate – away place. The indoor dust, debris and dirt are not only annoying; they can trigger health problems like asthma and allergies. Keep in mind that the logs have more specific needs in terms of maintenance. Don’t despair. Luckily for you, cleaning the cabin might be much easier than preserving your conventional home.

Interior Cleaning
You need to adapt your cleaning routine to the specifics of your cabin. You should take into account the type of wood and how it was conditioned. The age of your log home also plays huge role. In general you should use cloth or a sponge to scrub the cabin’s walls.

Dust – Free
One of the major issues with the log homes is that they accumulate a lot of dust. Dusting is not unusual house cleaning activity. In this case, it reaches a whole new level. The crevices between the wood logs are a natural dust trap. You can prevent it by applying an appropriate finish. Stain the logs and then use a sealer on both the inside and outside. It doesn’t mean that from now on you will not need to dust off anymore, but it will surely make your job less complicated.

Prevent the Mould
Having a beautiful cabin by the lake can provide you with marvellous view and …mould. The irritant develops in damp, shady and warm areas. It doesn’t matter if you your log home is located near a water source or up in the mountain, you are not completely safe from the mould evolvement. The best ways to avoid this irritating problem is by often ventilating the air by opening the windows and keeping the temperatures low and the area dry. During the winter months these are not exactly the most appropriate solutions. Always have in hand a bottle of bleach. Mix one part of it with four parts clear water and wash the logs. If you are afraid that you can ruin the shiny finish, use vinegar instead. It’s advisable to put one coat of wood polish a day or two after the logs cleaning. It will bring back the glow of the material and will reduce the dust build-up.

Exterior Cleaning
One of the options is the power washer. If you choose this cleaning technique, you should not spray on a same place for too long. Otherwise, there is risk of swollen logs. The water excess will cause the decay of the wood. Cob or sand blasting works better. It has several benefits over the conventional methods. First, it doesn’t apply that much pressure on the logs. Second, it cleans the debris, while the surface remains dry and smooth.

Cleaning is easiest way to get your log cabin home in shape for the upcoming holiday season. Your labours will surely repay when you cuddle near the fireplace in your tidy vacation place.

Bio: Ella Andrews is writer and home décor enthusiast, who likes to share her experience with readers all over the world. Her present article is focused on cleaning and organizing. To obtain more related tips and advices visit: Paddington home cleaning services.

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