Custom Log Homes

Choosing your very own custom log home can be a very enriching experience. Not only do you get to make all the decision regarding your log home but you also get to choose which types of logs you want to use. In choosing the right log it’s important to keep in mind that not all logs are equal and some are better than others. This means that you need to shop around town if you want to get all the best logs that are currently available.

Custom log homes often have different logs used in their construction, not just one. This offers a sense of variety in your home. This is great if you happen to see many logs you want to use in the construction of your home; it gives your home a more personal touch. Asides from making you want to live in it, making your log home more personalized enhances the overall beauty of your home. You may even start to see it as a living thing that grows and becomes a special part of your life.

When shopping for the logs for custom log homes in towns, always remember to be a smart shopper. This means that you have to judge their offers fairly and logically. Never be swayed by their words because that their job, to sell you logs. Do not choose your logs based solely on its looks and price. Sometimes the best-looking log may not be the best for you, as with the cheapest log. Following these tips will ensure that you will not regret your decisions and that you will get more than what you have paid for.

The first tip in buying your logs is to try to get the local logs of where you are trying to build. See what kind of log homes your neighbors used; who knows they might even have tips for you. In places where you can find custom log homes, you are sure to find many friendly people who are willing to give you advice. The second tip in buying the logs it to have a rough estimate on how much logs you need.


Logs are sturdy and durable but they are not maintenance free, they need proper maintenance just like any house. The third tip in buying logs has something to do with choosing logs that are easy to maintain. Do this to see which log maintenance products are most abundant. Matching you logs with the most abundant product ensures that you will not ever run out of log preservatives for your custom log homes.

Following all these tips will help you save tons of money. Aside from saving money, you will also be helping our planet. However, even if you do not follow this guide to the letter, please remember some of the concepts covered.   Visit the Pioneer Log Homes exhibit at the Lake Home & Cabin Shows and see what they have to offer.


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  1. These are some very beautiful and exceptional designs, when i decide to purchase a log home, lake homes & cabin show will be at the top of my list

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