Squeaky Floors and Other Quick Fix Tips

Squeaky Floors
There are two ways to stop the squeaking – lubricate between the two surfaces that are rubbing, or stop the movement of the wood. If you can get to the wood and lubricate the joint, then you have a quick, easy fix:

To lubricate squeaky floors, sprinkle talcum powder over the floorboards and rub it into and around the seams, or use a spray (like WD 40) in the same manner — between the boards and over the joint. Then simply wipe away the excess.

Sticky Sliding Windows
Can’t let the fresh air in? Spray a rag using a silicone-based spray lubricant. Wipe it onto the tracks and this will take care of any severe sticking, whether the track is plastic, metal, or wood.

Wall Paper Bubble
Do you notice any small bubbles in your freshly applied wall paper? Simply use a needle syringe and inject the bubble with a tiny bit of white glue, and press the bubble down onto the wall. The hole in the bubble will let in some air to deflate it, and the glue will hold it down!

Sticking Cupboard Drawers
You can purchase Beeswax at most larger hardware stores. Always have a “cake” of it on hand. For sticky wood and metal drawers, rub the Beeswax directly on the track or between the wood causing the friction.

Decals in the Tub
Many older tubs will have those beautiful 1970’s stubborn, orange flower decals that need to be removed! Grease up the edges of the decals with some WD-40, trying to wedge a little underneath. Let sit for about an hour and scrape away the decal with a credit card. Clean the greasy tub with some Dawn dishwashing detergent. Voila!

Hard to Screw-In Screws
Whether you’re putting together a child’s toy, or a recently purchased wood desk; you’ll sometimes get a stubborn screw. Beeswax to the rescue, again! Twirl the screw into the cake of beeswax and it should screw into the wood or plastic with less effort.

Musty Cabin
If your getaway is a seasonal retreat, sometimes opening the windows or spraying air freshener on opening weekend just won’t cut that closed-up cabin smell. For a quick fix, until the spring breeze cleanses the air, place a few drops of vanilla extract on the furnace filter. If it’s too warm to run the heater, just put the furnace setting on the fan only and enjoy a quick fix to foul air!

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